September 8th, 2011


It gets better! Then comes crashing down again....

An update to my earlier post:

Which will surely need yet ANOTHER update.

So after the Education advisor not signing the sheet and running into those roadblocks, I called the department chairperson. I met with him and he was SO super awesome! I first sent him an email and talked on the phone about my problem, and we set up an appointment to discuss my problems.

Prior to me going there, he found out some problems on my transcript I didn't even know about. The first semester I took one of my classes I had a major medical problem and couldn't finish the class. It was after the drop date and ended up getting a D in the class, which wasn't high enough to count in my program. I took it again, and I needed to do a "Last Grade Stands" which will erase that first class off my transcript. Sweet! He then removed one class and inserted the class that was appearing on every single persons computer except my advisor, and made sure it was there and showing up. IT FINALLY IS! Yay! So I am finally feeling optimistic. We go through my papers, see that everything is there, all that needs to be done is a couple signatures (from my advisors) and for one of them to accept my application. Problem is, it is my education advisor that has to accept it. The one I am having problems with.

So I go see my English advisor, whom is GREAT! She was SOOOOOOOO helpful, absolutely great! She signed off on all of my sheets saying that my GPA was fine, I am eligible for graduation, there is nothing holding me back except this was one advisors signature and the acceptance of the packet, lol. But her office hours are over, so I have to wait until today to get the signatures.

So I go in this morning, and I stop by the registrars office to do my last grade stands forms. This ensures my GPA... though the sheet has already been filled out. I have filled it out. It has been looked over by others. IT IS THE CORRECT FREAKING GPA. But.... there are problems. Still. I go to the advisors office, show the forms of everything that's happened, status updates, new print outs, basically show everything that needs to be shown.

But she tells me my GPA still is wrong. She finally said "Lets call Brian." Tries to give him a call, and he isn't in. He said that he will sign off on my sheets if she won't, so I need to just wait for this update. But basically, I don't know what the hell is going on in her head that my program GPA is wrong when its not and people are saying its not and its just making me really, really upset. So for now, I left my paperwork with her and said for her to sign off on it, and for me to go back to campus when she finally gets this figured out. I dont need to be paying for the bus each and every time just to not even be able to turn my damn papers in!!!

So.... thats that :(

But the two people I met with were so great I do plan on writing them an awesome review. The other? Not so much. She really has made me want to literally cry over being so frustrated :(