August 25th, 2011

Apartment Woes - copy of a letter...

So my apartment complex very legally but a bit unethically screwed myself and my roommates over. Here is a copy of the letter I sent. Please allow me to preface this with the fact that I am fully aware that it was my and my roommate's fault for not realizing we had to give 60-day notice, I feel like a fool for not even thinking of that because, at least in my area, 30 days always seemed to be the standard from people I had spoken to in other rental situations. The company is nation wide, Equity Residential, and it's not worth giving money to in any way shape or form.

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I'm more dissapointed in myself for not rereading the lease the second we all decided to leave this hellhole, I really wish I had thought to check that out and not just guessed or assumed based on complexes NOT associated with EQR. That said, I do feel they had ample opportunity to have said something. Legally, I know they were not obligated, but what happened to BAFH?? If anyone has ideas of what else I can do please share. I would appreciate the "this is your own fault" comments being kept to a minimum if possible because I'm already beating myself up over that more than I probably need to and panicking about how to come up with an extra 9 days rate plus rent and security for where we are moving. I'm so stressed and love that I can vent here!!

ETA: Thanks everyone in advance, may not get to reply for a bit! Just want to reiterate that I have zero expectations from this and full awareness that I effed up hugely, just figure it doesn't hurt to ask and wanted to warn others about this company. I will be sending a letter when I move outlining every single reason I decided to not renew my lease to as many higher-ups as I possibly can, which I can also repost here if anyone is interested... (this won't be my first time mentioning these things to them either, ftr)
dahlia - what?!

Lots of university-related posts lately...

So, I've been working on a study abroad application that was due today (and I was thankfully able to submit it all). I realized two days ago that I had completely forgotten to request an official transcript from the community college that I went to during high school. Herp derp. So I go online to do that, and I see that they changed things and started using Docufide to handle transcripts. My only options were to have a download link sent to whoever it was supposed to go to, or to have it mailed to the address on file with the college. In the interest of expedience, I went with the e-mail option.

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ETA: I forgot to mention that I had my name legally changed at the end of my final year at the community college/high school. This is the primary source of confusion in here.