August 22nd, 2011


Die! Meralco, Die!

Update to THIS little gem.

It took about a week before we got the tech's response in letter form.  The letter was basically "complaint was interchanged meters, no interchange found. Complaint satisfied." 

Ooooh... whoah there, slow the horses. Complaint satisfied?  First of all how is that even a legitimate statement to make? Secondly *I*, the customer and complaintant, am most decidedly NOT satisfied.

So of course I called Meralco customer service and had another gripe fest.  Since this is the 5th time I've called about the same problem they gave me the email addresses of all the management of Meralco (woohoo!) so I got to write this lovely little gem of a letter directly to upper management and CCs all over the place:

Collapse )

TL;DR - Power is inconsistant and impossible and Meralco techs are idiots, I agree to pay part of outstanding bill and ball is in Meralco management's court.

EDIT/UPDATE: This morning at 7:30am I went to one of the Meralco business offices to pay. I couldn't go to the Bayad centers as I'd planned since they are now only open from 10am to 5pm while I (and most people) work from 9am to 6pm.  I was not allowed to pay P3,000. They informed me that I could either pay the current bill (P2,860) or the total amount due (almost P9,000) but nothing else.  Idiotic policy but I paid the current bill and left it at that. I then had a long conversation with the head of customer service for the area (I went to the office in an adjacent city since the one that actually services me is 1-Too far out of the way and 2-has been impotent in fixing the problem so far).  I went over everything and showed her my statements expressing not only my utter frustration but the solid evidence printed by them on the statements that there was clearly a problem.  Hopefully something will get done now.  She asked me why nobody has done a complete line trace and I said "I DON'T KNOW!!! That's what I've been asking them to do since MAY!"  To which she informed me that it should have been the FIRST test done since we complained in May about having ZERO consumption billed and "nobody complains about getting charged for less than they used so I believe you."  


It's all well and fun until someone says something stupid

I went to the store the other day to pick up a few odds and ends. I ended up picking up something and when I got to checkout I remembered I still had some at home. I told the cashier I no longer wanted it and she was so happy I didn't stick it on a shelf somewhere. We got to chatting as she was cashing me out about people putting perishable things in non-perishable places and they have to throw it all away. It was a rather nice chat instead of the "hows the weather" stuff. All of a sudden she says "You know those flats of water bottles. The "orientals" are notorious for ripping them open and drinking a water." I kind of had no words at that point. Who says such racist and ignorant things to someone you met all of 42 seconds ago? I wish I had said something to the manager, but words failed me at that point.