August 18th, 2011


Cake Fail at Coldstone

So last Sunday my family held a birthday party for me.  I asked that they order a Coldstone cake, which I picked out.
I went through the steps of online ordering where it has me select the local store and everything because I know certain stores don’t make some specialty cakes and I figured the website wouldn’t list one as being available to order if I couldn’t get it from that store.

I decided I wanted the Eight-Layered “Cake Batter Layers” cake. The site lets me select it and asks if I want to include any particular message so it seems like I can order it no problem. Well, I wasn’t the one paying for it so my aunt decided to call it in rather than order it online. She went over the details again and again (particularly due to one very poor spelling of my name on a cake a few years ago) and they assured her they had that cake type and we could pick it up on Sunday (we ordered Friday).

When I get to the party, they pull out the cake and I’m immediately nervous it’s not the right one. The top decoration looks correct but through the icing on the side the cake looks red. Sure enough, we cut it open and the cake is red velvet instead of the yellow cake it is meant to be. It also does not have eight layers or anything it was meant to have. Instead of “Cake Batter Layers” they gave us  the signature “Cake Batter Confetti.” The strange thing was, they charged us the price of the eight layer cake instead of this regular cake and tried to make the top decoration look like it instead of the confetti. It is also not even the proper size or shape of the signature cakes. I have had two signature cakes previously for birthdays and they are round and larger than this. This one was square and much smaller. So we call them up. 

They get defensive quickly. They say that their store doesn’t make the cake we asked for. They say that we would have had to order two days in advance (we did) for that kind of cake (wait, I thought you just said your store doesn’t even make it?). They insist that the eight layer cake comes with red velvet. There is at least three employees gathered around the phone at this point and are openly conversing with each other and less so with me. I distinctly hear one person say, “The cake only comes in red velvet. They don’t know what they’re talking about.” to another employee.  I ask if someone on their end could just pull up the website and look for themselves. Another few minutes pass with a bit of grumbling on their end. Then I hear one say to another “Oh. I guess it is suppose to be yellow cake.”  They’re still not saying anything to me though so I have to ask if they found it. The main guy confirms it and asks “Would you like us to remake it or what?” Well, it wouldn’t have been done today so we just give up and say we’d prefer a refund. We have to give them our credit card number over the phone and the guy apologizes and hangs up. He calls back two minutes later because apparently he got the card number wrong and needs it again.  

It was so frustrating that they kept arguing and I feel like whoever made it tried to pass it off by making the top decoration and shape like the eight layer cake.