August 17th, 2011

Black Butterfly

Apple Sucks

My iPod touch broke 2 weeks after the one year warranty was up.  The headphone jack broke (I never abused the unit). Music only plays out of the left ear unless I pull the earphones hard to the left, wrap it around the unit and hold it taunt.  I can still listen to music on long car trips, but I can no longer listen to music when I go for walks because the music would cut in between static and silence.   Anyway.  

My iPod broke at the beginning of January.  I called Apple.  The man on the phone told me that it would cost $90 to fix it.  I was willing to pay it.  He asked me where I lived (I live in Canada) and looked up the closest Apple store.   The closest Apple store is 6 hours away, so the guy offered to send me a box so I can ship it to them.  I gave him my address and my credit card number. A month goes by.  No box.  So I call them again.  They told me that a store in my city will fix iPods.  YAY. Our bus system sucks and the store is a long walk from my place.  We also had a HORRIBLE winter and the sidewalks were a mess for most of it. So I went to the store in the middle of May. The store fixes laptops, not iPods.  Some idiots from Apple have been referring people with broken iPods to that store and there is nothing the store can do about it. So I call Apple and ask to speak to a supervisor.  I don't even think they transfered me to a supervisor, but I told the woman my problem, and this is what she essentially said...

-She said that since I was in Canada, it would cost me $139 to fix it  (WHAT?  The unit cost me $180+ tax!)  

-She told me that if I choose to fix it, I won't get a warranty on it.  If I buy a refurbished unit for $169,I would get a year warrener (I'm a STUDENT.  The only reason I bought a touch to begin with is because I got a ton of money for Christmas last year.  I was willing to pay $90 because I got some money for my birthday... but that's long gone.)

-She told me I could probably sell my broken unit for $50.  (Who's going to buy a broken iPod?  I asked at a buy/sell store the other day and they wanted nothing to do with it.) I was MAD.

So... in conclusion... they led me on a wild goose chase.  I can't afford to get it fixed anymore. Next time I'm home, I'm grabbing my 6 year old Nano, which works perfectly, and using that instead. Edited to fix grammar/spelling errors.