August 10th, 2011


Apartment Suckage

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I'm thankful I'm not being charged, but... how is it my fault when an exchange between the company went awry? I handed over the key to my apartment to a legal representative (right word? IDK) of their company. And what if I did have a flood? That is NOT my responsibility because you switched super 3 times, and someone forgot to pass over the keys. WTH.

EDIT: She also said that C is way better than B ever was. So in essence, she's admitting to how crappy they are, yet still blaming us (good tenants) for the screw up!
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A bad service double feature.

Edit with update: The manager of Company V e-mailed me this afternoon.  She apologized profusely, saying that they did in fact have the initial payment, but for whatever reason the representative did not see it.  Unfortunately they had to have a separate payment for the changed order, so she processed a refund and within a half hour the money was back on my card. She re-processed the transaction and my package is now on it's way. 

Original entry:

Right now I'm feeling a bit like a ping pong ball between two companies, one of which has my money.

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tl;dr: I place an order with a company that is supposedly declined and doesn't charge me, except it does. Company rep is polite, but very hard to get information from, and doesn't want to research anything for me. Card company says it's not their problem either, but gives me details on the completed transaction.  Now the money has disappeared somewhere, the company won't process my order, and the faster shipping I've already paid for is pointless.