August 7th, 2011


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I bet you thought the Guild Wars/NCSoft bad_service was over, didn't you? Yeah, me too.

So after I could finally log into my account on Friday afternoon, a little pop up box in-game suggested I should buy Nightfall. So I checked it out, saw it was only $30, so I decided to buy it, figuring hey, it's Friday, hubby and I can have a night of Guild Wars! Sweet! So I buy it, and all is well.

Hubby comes home around 6pm, I tell him I can log in now, and that I bought Nightfall, and he should buy it too and we can play! He's thrilled, so he logs in, gets the same pop up box, and attempts to purchase Nightfall. It failed, due to a "general error". He checks to make sure he hasn't been charged, nope. So he tries again, making sure to enter all his card details right. This time, it fails due to "risk management". Wtf does that mean? After searching their website help and Googling, we discover that due to some bizarre security measure, people from the same household cannot buy the same game in a certain period. WHAT? There is no information on how long you need to wait before you can purchase it, just "later". It does say you can try purchasing the game from another online retailer, or a physical retailer. Well, the shops are shut and we can't find anywhere else online to purchase it.

Now, we're seriously pissed off. We've had to wait almost two weeks for them to get their act together and allow me to log in, and now we can't even buy the same game? I tell hubby to try using a VPN to purchase it, no luck. NOTE: It specifically says on the NCSoft help website that they cannot override the security measure on an invidivual basis. Still, my husband emails support to find out how long he has to wait before he can purchase the game, and tells them what he thinks of their security measures.

Today, he gets a response back, saying that they've reviewed his account and will override the security measure for 24 hours so he can purchase it. Except, you know, they're not meant to be able to do that. And why does he only get 24 hours, if they've reviewed his account and saw that it's a legitimate purchase? At any rate, we need longer, because some stuff came up yesterday that we had to pay for and we'd be leaving ourselves shorter than we'd like if we bought Nightfall now (I know, we would have been short if we'd bought it on Friday but we didn't know that at the time). So my husband is going to reply and ask if we can buy it on Thursday, when we get paid. They also said in the email that they can't discuss how long he will be banned from buying the game.

It's absolutely ridiculous, in my opinion. We're trying to buy a game online, that they fully admit we could purchase at a physical retailer, together, at the same time, but because we're doing it online we're not allowed to. What the fuck.