August 6th, 2011


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An update to this entry:

I received another email on the 3rd of August (after I figured they'd just given up on me) apologising for the way my problem had been handled so far, and asking for my birthdate and (again!) my email addresses. I supplied the information.

This morning, I received another email asking if I had access to one of my gmail accounts still. I replied and said that I did.

This afternoon, finally, I got a link via that gmail address enabling me to reset my password and secret questions. They said that apparently I made an online purchase at some point on my Guild Wars account, which integrated my account into some NCSoft master account, and so the password reset option on the Guild Wars interface will no longer work for me and is why I never received any emails when I tried to reset my password from there (I assumed it was because I wasn't sure of my account name...)

So I logged in and it's all working! Glad they could fix it in the end.

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An update to my PayPal saga.

So, in the end, the buyer never provided shipping information- the due date passed on August 2nd. I called PayPal up on August 3rd around 3pm because I saw the case was still open and inquired about this issue. The girl I spoke with (withholding names for now, but I do have them written down) was actually quite pleasant and helpful- she had one of her higher-ups work to close out the case while I was on the phone with her.

She told me I'd get a series of emails and to ignore them, and so I did... sort of. I read them all and immediately became suspicious because they all said we have decided in favor of (buyer). I asked her about this and she said not to worry, it was normal, they had sided with me and the money would be back in my account no later than 48 hours. I shot off an email that night stating that I was a bit concerned about the emails anyway and I wanted it in writing that the case had been decided in my favor.

Great, right?

Yeah, if it had actually worked that way. Fast forward to yesterday, August 5th. The 48 hours have gone by so I call them back to find out what happened. I speak with a different rep this time who said that whomever had originally closed out the case made a mistake and closed it in the buyer's favor rather than mine, and the money had literally been taken out of my account- but not to worry! A support ticket had been opened about an hour prior to my call and the money will be back in my account by close of business Friday.

If you guessed that it still hasn't happened, you're correct. I'll be calling back on Monday. NOW I feel like we are most definitely within the bad service boundaries... because that guy has both my phone AND my $202. After reading all the comments to my previous post I wish I could say I hadn't seen this coming from a mile off... ugh.