August 5th, 2011


Kroger, what happened?

I was at the Kroger the other day (8-3) after going through a stressful doctor’s appointment for my pregnancy. I was using a motorized cart, was with my husband, and my mother in law, who was driving us around and helping us with errands and bought our groceries. We go to this Kroger because previously we had been treated excellently and had even nicknamed this location “Awesome Kroger.”

Not any more. Like I said, I was using a motorized cart because my legs sometimes collapse under me, especially dangerous now that I’m seven months pregnant. We had finished all our shopping, and were checking out, when a bagger named LUIS nearly smashed my bananas under my gatoraide, mixed my dairy and my meat, and when we got home, discovered that my cold drinks were mixed in with my cleaning supplies!

I was already stressed out that day and had a moment of claustrophobia in the store trying to leave, but my husband went back in to complain to management about the rough treatment. He was ignored for several minutes, as the service desk clerk, MARY, apparently did something with her lotto tickets.

I’ve complained here, on my Facebook, on PlanetFeedback, filled out the online customer survey, and have complained on the corporate website. I'm awaiting feedback, but a Sprouts is opening near my apartment, and I'm probably going to make the switch if I can.

ETA: Sorry, apparently I accidentally edited out that the general attitude by the bagger was what prompted everything. He went from ignoring me/us to almost hostile about things being separated. This bothered me more because I have other health issues with raw food and cross contamination, as I've gotten hospitalized from it previously.
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Gel Nails that just won't stay on? :(

I was going to post a review about a place, but I wanted your opinions on wording, etc.

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Any constructive criticism or comments welcomed. I'd like for it to be as clear as possible for future googlers.

EDIT: Thanks everyone for commenting. I've posted it around on a few sites, and hope others will be forewarned :(

EDIT2: I found out from the fiance that during the phone exchange she said, "Y'know, a lot of people try to do this!" So my immediate thought is wait, what? A lot of customers complain about their nails popping off? Perhaps we're not scamming you (which she seems to imply), but perhaps you need to improve your technique :(