August 2nd, 2011


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Hi DPD Man.

That little piece of paper you just shoved through my door? The one that says I wasn't in?

I watched it come through the door, and land on the door mat. It was the first I bloody knew of a parcel arriving. So you took the liberty of going around, opening the garden store, putting the parcel in there and shoving a bit of paper through my door, and you didn't even bother to knock?

Windows were open, the sound of a television was going, and there was all signs pointing to life inside. And you still put it in a place that is hard to access for my disabled mother, and myself, and didn't even attempt to actually deliver it.


I've submitted a request for a phone call to the company but I don't think it will work... Huh.
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Vodafone billing

This is currently an ongoing problem my husband and I are having with Vodafone and I'm hoping after today it's been resolved but i won't really know until the end of the month with my next bill.

In May, my husband was doing a job in an area where he was getting really bad reception on his phone. He called to complain about it, they acknowledged that the area was in a bad spot but they were currently building new stuff to improve that area, and hey we'll give you a 50% discount for the next few months anyway. We're both on the same account so the discount applied to both of our phones.

Cool, a discount, right?! :D nope.

When we get the bill that first incorporates the discount (June) there's a $900 charge on it O_O looking through it THEY CANCELLED BOTH OUR CONTRACTS. My husband called them to find out wtf and the person he spoke to found that the person who put on the discount on basically fucked it up and changed our plan and as that plan doesn't cover the things we have on our current plan, it therefore cancelled our contracts instead.

She said she fixed the cancellation, and we only need to pay half of the usual bill as normal. Awesome.

So I paid what I roughly worked out as being half of the bill because I wasn't sure what it should be due to all the weird extra charges on the bill.

Here comes July, and we get the next bill. The discount is applied correctly. There's a credit back for the cancellation charges. But apparently we still owe money on the last bill. If anything, all I could work out is there should be a ~$5 difference that I missed on judging half, and certainly not the amount they say I still owe! Where is my discount if I'm still basically paying full price?! I go to access the previous bill to check it out. I can't. They've deleted it off their server with some weird way they send out the emailed bills so I can't look at it AT ALL. Great!

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Roto Rooter Rudeness

Last week my Mother finally broke down and called in Roto Rooter for what seems to be their semi-annual visit to her home. She has a beautiful massive Maple Tree right outside the front of her house and it plays havoc on her pipes quite frequently. She’s had Roto Rooter do the root excavating from her pipes every time with very little hassle. With money tight she often waits until it’s necessary to make any financial decisions. Which simply meant she waited until the toilet stopped flushing well to call them in, but this meant it still worked.

Roto Rooter gave her the normal estimate and the normal paperwork and got to work. A few minutes later there was a terrible clank and the workers called her outside. There tool had broken. Not through any fault of hers, but it had broken. They’d need to dig up her yard to get to the pipe. Not thrilled she agreed, until they told her they’d be charging her $3,000 to dig up her yard.

When she refused they left. Their ‘tool’ equates to a massive chunk of pipe metal sticking out of her yard. There is also the odoriferous odor of sewage flooding the neighborhood, her home, and gagging everyone around, and the inability to use her toilet.

She’s now looking at estimates from others to fix the mess, but really Roto Rooter? You broke your tool - how is this her fault? It’s not like it’s a steel Maple tree, or like she busted up your tool. I know it’s a lot of work to dig up a yard, but $3,000 seems steep. The next estimate she’s gotten for the job is only $800? We assume they’re padding on extra for their broken tool.

The man was also obnoxiously rude when she refused to pay for it.
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 I went to a grocery store to get some things. After I checked out, I started going to the exit.

Me: What? D:
Me: ...but there's no other do-
Me: Is it broken?
Cashier: IT'S CURSED.
Me: Can I ju-
Cashier: NO!

I was rather frightened (not of the "curse", of the cashier), so I went around to the automatic doors in the front. When I walked past the windows in the back to get to my car, I saw her nodding sagely at me. Wut?