July 31st, 2011


Arenasoft/NCSoft bad service

I own Guild Wars, a PC MMORPG. I bought it years ago, as did my husband, and we each got an access key with our copies of the game, which are attached to your Guild Wars account when you make one. Later on, we bought Eye of the North, another Guild Wars campaign - same deal. We played for a while, and then it fell to the wayside. We're talking, like, 3 years ago here.

Well, we decided recently we'd like to start playing again. So we dredge out the CDs and reinstall it. My husband logs in after a few tries, but I can't log in. I'm not 100% sure of the email I used to sign up, so I can't use the password reset option. So I email their support. Give them the email I think I used, and wait. They respond, ask for my game access keys for the original game and any campaigns. Now, we can only find one of the original access keys, but we have both Eye of the North ones. So I give them all 3, and all the email addresses I have.

They reply and say that it isn't any of those email addresses, but it is a gmail account, and can I please give them all my email addresses and those of people in my household who play Guild Wars. And that they can't tell me the email address I used due to security reasons. Now, I don't *have* any other email addresses, and I tell them such. But I do give them my husband's gmail, although I stated that he can log in and knows his password, so he's all fine.

So what do they do? Respond, say they've reset my password and my problem is fixed. Except, they've reset my husband's password. And given me his character name and everything. Did they even read what I wrote to them? So I've emailed them again and said no, problem NOT fixed - you've reset my husband's password, which he already knew. I want access to MY account! I'm worried that because I don't have the key they won't give it to me, even though I have a key for the campaign (which you can't play without the original game!) and the original key is attached to my account, which they must be able to see because I've given them all my email addresses. If they refuse to reset my password, I will have $200 worth of games sitting here that I can't use...

Edit: Just received the following response from NCSoft (I will say that they are quite prompt in replying to emails, at least) so perhaps there's hope after all:


I apologize for the previous reponse.

We are in the process of investigating this issue for you and you should receive an update within 24 hours. We may need more time if you contacted us on a weekend or holiday, but someone will respond to this support ticket as soon as possible.

Thank you,
NCsoft Account Support
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