July 29th, 2011


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Oh Paypal. You seem to make it a habit of screwing people, as I see by my Google-fu.

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Here's where the Bad Service comes in. I go through the steps Paypal gives me, submit my evidence- pictures included- and wait for their response, which comes fairly quickly- they've decided to side with the buyer and take his word over mine.

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Skip to yesterday. I reported the buyer to eBay for abusing the buyer protection policy. He has until August 2nd to get me the phone back, and apparently he's in no hurry to do so because he was told this on July 23rd (the Friday when I originally tried to call and they were closed). All of this makes me so suspicious... and I'm just sure I'm going to get back a phone that he damaged and I'm not going to be able to prove it. PayPal has made it very, very clear that they don't give a rat's furry behind about the seller, which allows buyers to scam to their hearts' delight.

And now I sit on my hands and wait. Thanks for your "help", PayPal- and thanks for endorsing scammers everywhere.

[edit]: added the original auction text for reference.

[edit again]: Thanks for the comments. I've pretty much realized I'm entirely screwed and there's not anything at all I can do about it- though I still maintain that PayPal did me wrong on this one. Being told that what I say doesn't matter and has no merit is pretty poor on their part... but that's PayPal for ya.