July 22nd, 2011


No, the wine isn't just "dry"

 First post here, so I'm expecting the 'first do, no harm'-tag any second now.

I've recently been on a family vacation to the Czech Republic, and we ate out almost every day since dining out is really cheap there, compared to where we live. One night we went to this family owned restaurant that looked cozy, so we sat down and ordered drinks. Both my parents ordered a glass of red wine, since up until that point we'd been having beer nonstop (the Czech make really good beer), so it seemed like a nice change of pace. 

Well, a few minutes later and the drinks are on the table. My dad takes one sip of the wine and declares it undrinkable. Now I trust my parents' judgement when it comes to wine, they're the sort who like a nice glass for dinner once in awhile and they usually buy the good kind. They've even taught my brother and I to enjoy it, so I had a go at the wine too, and it really was awful, it tasted only of vinegar in the way wine does when it has been stored incorrectly or passed its expiration date. So we called over the waiter to complain.

My dad tells him the wine has gone bad, waiter shakes his head, saying it's just dry. My dad tells him again that, no, it has definitely gone bad. Waiter continues shaking his head, so my dad asks him if they can get replacements. Waiter YANKS the wine card that I'd been reading out of my hands and states that he would have to open a whole new bottle, and repeats that there is nothing wrong with the other one. Dad says fine, can they just have white wine instead? (My brother had white wine, which was fine). Waiter huffs and takes the red wine glasses away, and a short moment later we see him letting some regulars taste-test the wine we'd been given, like our judgement was not to be trusted. 

The kicker? Never saw even a glimpse of that white wine. No tip for you. 
Quote - Can't Buy Me Love

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I don't know why it is so hard to find a good endocrinologist office in this town. I mean, seriously. I find perfectly capable doctors, but the offices are all dysfunctional.

I have been going to the Falk Clinic based out of UPMC Presbyterian since June of 2009. It was recommended to me by a friend, because she had a really good doctor, Dr. B. Fine, great, I'll switch. I went to my appointment, and other than the fact I had to wait for awhile to get things done and she made me see the nutritionist and diabetes educator (who actually said that she wasn't sure why she was talking to me, since I probably new enough about it to be one myself) I left with an appointment for three months later with the same doctor. No big deal. I also schedule an appointment to get an ultrasound on my thyroid, and a couple follow up visits with the nutritionist.

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Anyway, lather, rinse, repeat. Now I'm dealing again with the pharmacy saying they never received it, she is calling AGAIN even though I offered to come get it, and oh. I'm down to my last bit of insulin because this has been drawn out now for almost a month and I'm using insulin from 2003 now. It was a brand new bottle that had been chilling in our fridge for 8 years, but still. This is pre-second-term GWBush insulin.

So here is hoping I finally get my prescription today. My pharmacy opens in 10 minutes, I'm supposed to be at work in an hour and ten minutes, but whatever. I called and let my manager know that I'm not making it in without some damn humalog.

issues with exchange: Carpediemstore.com

I am feeling frustrated with this company. Their prices are very good, but with the issue I have had I have not been adequately helped.

I placed an order on June 7th for some Copic Sketch markers. I received them the 10th of June. I was impressed with the time, but not so much when one of the markers had ink flow issues. It was just one of them, though, and I was otherwise pleased with the service I had received. I emailed, as per the FAQ, was told to send it back to the return address listed on the site [Jun 13th], so I do[~Jun 18]. Lacking other instructions, I wrote the order number on the box that the marker arrived in.

Around the same time I got news that we'd finally gotten a place to move, so I emailed customer support looking to find out the best way to deal with that [if things would be fast enough for it to go through to arrive at my then-current address, or if it was best to wait and have it sent to my would-be address when all was finalized and confirmed] - I mailed the thing off before I got news on where I'd be moving, and stated this in the email with my query.

I get an email back a couple days later [20th] to "include this email to expedite the process" - which, I'll be honest, I'm not sure which "this" email they meant. I guess the conversations. But what's done is done, it was sent off. I replied saying as such, but reminded them that I had written the order number on the box/item, which I would hope would help a little. That was also on the 20th of June.

No response.

July 5th, I email inquiring about my order - if the item was received, I reiterated the issue [dry marker] and the dates of communication. I also pasted the entirety of the previous emails with dates, so that the communication process was clear in case there were multiple people handling customer issues. I attached the photo of the product and its issue again.

No response.

I emailed, again, on July 19th, and while it has been only a handful of days I can't help but feel a sort of frustrated hopelessness. I was so excited about their prices! I recommended them to a ton of artist friends, and now I worry that I was a dope to do so.

For the non-artists and otherwise unaware out there: These markers retail for about $7 each and I paid about $4.85, so it's not "just one marker" out of a huge thing of Crayolas or something. ;P

WTF from Home Depot

I wanted to replace the cheap, ugly, and bent towel bars in my bathrooms in the house I just bought. I found some I liked and bought the longest size, but it turns out they're too short. So I returned the package I hadn't opened, and discovered on Home Depot's website that you can buy just a bar, and swap it out using the same holders that attach to the wall. Perfect for my situation! So I ordered a 30" double towel bar set for my bathroom, and just the replacement 30" bar to use in my son's bathroom along with the already-opened kit.

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