July 19th, 2011

Red dress

This is actually the first major issue I've had with 3 mobile.

Unfortunately, as I didn't expect so much trouble I haven't taken names. I know better now. I do know I was told names a few times, but most of the people I spoke to were in Indian call centres and I could not understand their names with the heavy accent.

This needs a finishing paragraph. I intend to send this letter to 3 complains and the Telecommunications Ombudsman. At the moment I'm having trouble paying my rent, I don't need a $100+ phone bill for charges that I believed I was getting for free. Can anyone help me with the last paragraph and the general wording. Thanks.

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If I could begin to be, Steven Universe

Pizza Pizza b_s. Not sure what to do about it.

Two instances of b_s over the same thing:

So my sister and I are regular customers at this nearby Pizza Pizza. Recently, the company had a promotion where if you buy one of their big slices, you have a chance to win stuff. I bought a big slice and got a coupon for free onion rings (about a $2+tax vaue). My sister aways buys big slices and so far she's won a coupon bottle of 500 m Pepsi and a can of garlic dip (about 70c value). 
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