July 18th, 2011

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I know what I said

There is one of those little coffee shops in the gas station parking lot down the street from my work. I love the gal there because she tries really hard to remember orders for her regulars and she is really good at it. Unfortunately she is too good at it.

I usually get a 20-oz coffee. This time I walked up to the windows on the back and told her I would like a 12-oz of my usual instead. I didn't want a 20-oz because it is almost 11am and I just need a little boost and not the entire shabang.

So she hands me a 20-oz. I apologized and let her know I had asked for a 12 instead. The fact she made the wrong size isn't the bad service.

The fact that she continued to tell me I had asked for a 20 while I continued to tell her 12 was the bad service. She even kept arguing with me about it telling me "You must have said 20."... No... I very clearly said 12. Open your damn ears. 20 is what I usually get. 12 is what I asked for.

It really was no big deal at all until she kept saying "You said 20" over and over and at one point came up to say it yet again and said "You said.. you know what... It doesn't matter."

Well it didn't matter until you told me I was wrong a billion times while making the right sized coffee. Now it matters.
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Not so friendly skies

Yesterday I flew solo home on Delta airlines. During the trip the stewardess made her rounds for drink/snacks. She came to my area and I requested 2 bloody Mary's. She ran my credit card and in the process of handing it back to me she said, "I really hate to ask you this but are you pregnant?" I.was.shocked. I asked if she was questioning me because I was of child bearing age or because I'm a little overweight (I mos.def have a "beer gut"). She said she just didn't feel comfortable selling liquor to pregnant women. I told her, 1. she already charged me for the drinks and 2. my or anyone else's medical condition is none of her business and 3. she was extremely out of line. She handed me my drinks and made her way down the isle. During deboarding I walked up to her and asked her name with the intent of making a complaint. After the flight I made my way to the delta customer service area. I asked whom to talk to regarding a problem I had on the flight. The man at the counter told me to look it up on line. I couldn't believe it. He then asked what what the problem was so I told him fighting the urge to cry. He only responded "Oh...well go online and there should be a number for you to call." Judging from the service I received I don't even think contacting Delta would result in anything.