July 17th, 2011

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Ultimately, our issues were handled by a mostly-cheerful manager, but for some reason I've still been stressing over the incident (service-industry kin guilt?), so here I am to get it off my chest (read as: ~*validate me pls*~)

I went to see Harry Potter at midnight at a theater that had a bar/restaurant in it. We showed up a couple hours early to grab a couple drinks before the movie started. A guy (seemingly functioning as a busser) came and got us water, and about ten minutes after we were seated, our server came to get our orders. We'd had time to figure out what we wanted, so we all each got a drink, and one person ordered a sandwich.

Our server never came back to the table ever again. The same busser delivered our drinks, a different server brought the sandwich, and when the busser came back to refill our waters, I asked if we could order another round through him or if we had to ask our server (had to order through our server, naturally). It was pretty lackadaisical service, since she was standing 5 feet away the whole time at the server station. We weren't able to get another round, or coffee, or anything. Granted, we didn't try TOO hard to get her to pay attention to us other than aggressively staring her down to catch her attention, or thinking to flag her down if she walked by the table again, but she never even glanced our way.

Eventually it was announced our movie was seating, so one of my friends actually got up and asked her for our bill. She dropped it off and walked away without a word. We saw she had hand-written in an 18% gratuity (expected, it said so in the menus parties of 5 or more would have it added), and we probably wouldn't have said anything except for the fact that she added up the 18% after tax. Ie: did 18% of $83.34 (omg guys the drinks were so expensive) instead of 18% of the pre-tax $75 subtotal, which is what you're supposed to do. It was only a dollar or so difference ($15 vs $13.50), but since the service was so non-existent we decided to see if we could get the gratuity lowered, or at least fixed.

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