July 16th, 2011

lolwtf apartment managers.

For months, my flat hasn't been listed whenever I put in my postcode. I assumed some form had not been filed due to bureaucracy - the building has 14 stories, and the postcode only lists 12. As a result, I've been having to indicate that I'm on the 12th floor for deliveries and meet people in the lobby, as the various delivery places won't let me manually type in my address.

An aside: due to the way the UK postcode system works, the 5 digits I'm given are basically equivalent to the 5+4 full postcode nobody uses in the US; because I'm in an apartment building, the postcode identifies the specific building I'm in, which is handy when typing in addresses online... unless I'm not listed as existing.

Finally I send an email to the post office asking if they can maybe investigate why this is.

The top two floors of my building have a separate postcode. 

I'm staring at a hand-written post-it I've had on my wall since the day I moved in, written for me when I asked the front desk "My parents want to send me some things, what address am I giving them, can you write it down for me?"

It has the lower-floors postcode. 

I've lived here since September. I'm moving out in a little over a month. All this time I've had the wrong postcode. Lolwut. In case it was a once-off mistake, I've asked around. We were ALL given the wrong postcode. Golf claps, people. 
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 So, I had to go to a local drugstore to get Monistat. When I go to check out...

Cashier: Do you have a yeast infection? Uegh, gross!!
Me: ...
Cashier: I had this really nasty yeast infection once, I mean leaking pus and everything! Is that what you have?
Me: (I don't want to hear about your yeast infection!!)...can I please just pay, thanks?
Cashier: I should charge you more because now you have to buy it anyway! *giggles*
Me: *confusion*

I paid and booked it. Do I have one of those faces that screams "talk to me about your yeast infection"?
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