July 15th, 2011


coffee suck

Edited: It was not my intention to come off as one of those entitled people who lose their mind over coffee. I just like it strong,  to avoid long wait times (I know the workers do not have control over this at times.) and nothing fancy. 

So. I live in a small town. We've gotten large enough to get a freestanding Starbucks (previously only the biggest casino in town had one inside.). The service at this Starbucks frankly sucks. I've stopped going there, unless I really, really desperatly need a coffee from the past history of suck.

They short change me. Not in actual monies but in actual coffee.

I drink large lattes, and since I'm usually going thru the drive thru (the wait times suck but eh it's drive thru. whatever. just annoying.)  I don't notice until i get to the office and pass out drinks (usually doing a coffee run as i'm a gopher.). This is a repeat offense. about 5 times now* I've opened the lid to find 2 inches of foam in my cup.

It makes me so sad and full of rage, because goddamnit, don't fuck with my coffee. if i paid for a full cup i want a whole damn cup.  I did address it to the manager who was... eh. wishy washy over it and told me to just ask for no foam.

The last time I went, I asked for no foam, and when i had the audacity to pry the lid off at the window to double check and make sure i wasn't short changed again, the gal working gave me a super sour look. especially when i mentioned to my sister who was trying to get me to move faster on checking my coffee, that I was just making sure my order was correct.


There is an alternative coffee shop in town that has a huge list of "special" drinks. it's basically weak coffee with tons of syrups added to create sugar over loads. They try to sell me a flavor of the month when I go in there. Their coffee is fairly weak, especially by my standards. Asides from constantly trying to get me to add chocolate syrup or something fancy to my drink the service isn't bad. Until they try to agrue with me when i ask them for 6 shots of espresso.

Please guys, you have a fantastic little shop and I like coming here, just stop acting like i've grown a third eye when i ask for more espresso, because your brew is weak by my standards. Yes. I really do want that much espresso. Yes i do. take my money. Thank you.


Bad FedEx Service

This is my mom's bad service, but I thought I'd share it.

Due to my cousin's poor planning my mom had to overnight her a notarized affidavit from California that needed to be filed in Ohio today no later than 4PM. However, the place where they needed to be filed is about an hour drive from where my cousin lives, so the package would need to get there by 3PM at the latest. My mom found this out yesterday around 2PM.

She went to FedEx to have both the notarizing done as well as have the documents overnighted. She was quoted a price of $75 for the package to arrive in Ohio at 8:00 this morning or $40 to have it arrive by 10:30 (Ohio time). Because of the $30 difference my mom opted to select the service that would get it there by 10:30.

At around 11 (CA time) my mom called my cousin to make sure the package had arrived. It had not. The FedEx shipping information online said it was out for delivery.

At 11:40 (CA time) when the package still had not been delivered my mom called FedEx. The person who answered the call told her that she would get in touch with the truck driver and alert them of the necessity to deliver the package asap. They also took my mom's phone number and told her they would call her and tell her what the delay was.

At 3:30PM (Ohio time) the package was delivered. The FedEx driver did not ring the doorbell and left the important documents between the screen door and the front door. There was someone home at the time. However, by this point my cousin already had to leave to file the rest of the papers she did have, sans the ones from my mom.

At 5PM someone from FedEx calls my mom to tell her the package has been delivered. Keep in mind, with the time differences this is some 5 hours after the package has been delivered. And the package was delivered 5 hours late from the quoted time. They offered no reason why the package was late and told her that she couldn't file a claim with them.

She still needs to call customer service and we're hoping she can get the full cost of the delivery back even though they did get delivered some 5 hours late, because they were time sensitive documents.
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My mother and I went to Walmart yesterday, and experienced one WTF service and one bad service.

WTF service:

Before doing our shopping, we decided to get a bite to eat at the McDonalds that is inside of Walmart. I'm a huge Star Wars fan, so I talked my mother into getting us two happy meals so I could get the Clone Wars toys. I wasn't bothered by the cashier giving us a weird look since we were two grown women ordering happy meals. We specified we wanted the boy toys and wanted two different Star Wars ones. When I go up to get our food, I looked and discovered that she had given us the Strawberry Shortcake toys. I pointed out to her that we had asked for Star Wars, and she said that she had assumed since we were women we wanted the girl toys.

What the hell? I mean, outside of the problematic genderization of toys, we were grown women. Do you really think we would be ordering happy meals if we weren't ordering it to get the specific thing we asked for? And really, no matter who the person is, shouldn't they get what they asked for? It wasn't a huge deal for us since we were dining in and could just get it switched. But I was imagining a little girl's family ordering at the drive through, her being all excited about her Star Wars toy, and getting home only to discover they had given her the wrong ones.

Bad service:

So, we got into Walmart to buy some stuff for the apartment I will be moving into in the fall. At one point, I go off to look for an employee to help us find a waffle iron (I love making homemade waffles). Now, this is in San Antonio, and it is over a hundred degrees. So I am wearing short shorts, and I'm not exactly skinny. I notice two male employees standing near the end of an aisle, so I walk down towards them with the intention of asking for help. However, the two of them are staring at me in a way that makes me uncomfortable, so I walk past them and turn the corner. Just as I'm about to head down the next aisle, I hear them from around the corner. One of them says to the other "some people really shouldn't wear shorts." What the fuck? What gives you the right, jackass. It is Texas. It is hot. I didn't wear them for your enjoyment. And even if I did wear them for someone to enjoy, it still doesn't give you the right. If I had the guts to turn around and get your name so I could tell customer service about you, I would have. But at this point I was embarrassed and just wanted to get out of there.