July 14th, 2011

labyrinth, bowie

I promise, we're not that hard to find.

So, this isn't so much bad_service as bad_system, but it's still really irritating.

Background: My family lives near Seattle. Our mailing address lists the town as "Everett", but the house is technically in an unincorporated part of the county between suburbs, which is arbitrarily listed as "Everett" even though the city of Everett is farther away than any of our surrounding suburbs. This is a little confusing to explain to people, but we've gotten food delivered here without any problems; we're not out in the country or anything, just in a weird zone.

So today, my sister and I decided we wanted sandwiches and called the Jimmy John's closest to us - in Lynnwood, about a 10-minute drive away. When they heard our address and zip code, they told us they didn't deliver to Everett. Okay, whatever, a mild annoyance. So we call the Jimmy John's that's actually in Everett, but considerably farther away from us. We give them the address again, and after a couple of minutes of poking around on a map, we're told we're out of their delivery zone.

So basically, Jimmy John's won't deliver to our house because of the county's zany way of assigning addresses to cities.

My sister eventually decided to just go and get the sandwiches from the Lynnwood location.