July 11th, 2011


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 So I posted just a liiiiittle over a month ago about a problem with an Asus laptop and some bullshit around getting it packaged/shipped repaired.

I became aware afterwards that this wasn't really bad service to the extent i thought it was.

Now? NOW I have Asus bad service.

Back in June, the power pin from the motherboard broke off the motherboard and jammed itself into the damn power adapter. This is non repairable around here, I have to send it in. I sent it in, i payed 30 bucks for proper packaging etc etc etc and it was back within a week. 

Less than a month later?

Guess what's broken again.

Guess what's broken the exact same way again. 

I guess they decided not to fix it even tho they claimed they did and now I have to send it in again and because they didn't ship it back the way I shipped it, i have to pay 30 bucks to have it packaged properly again or they won't accept it for repairs.


edit: guy on the phone said that 'sometimes it isn't properly fixed the first time' and that 'it will for sure be fixed this time' ~~

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