July 8th, 2011


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I avoid making phone calls at all costs when it comes to dealing with something important, such as calling the Creditcard company to tell them I can't pay them. I have horrible anxiety about it and the lady at Discover did not help me to feel any better at all.

I was calling to take advantage of the Payment Assistance because I'm unemployed, because I was hospitalized. I only told her that it was because I was unemployed, because I really hate going into the hospitalization. So, basically she says that because I resigned from my position I can't use the benfits. Okay, whatever, I'll live.

Then she starts probing as to WHY I resigned. I know that "hospitalization" is one of the thing they cover in the program, so I tell her it's because I was hospitalized. Oh, good, we can try and process it that way.

"why were you hospitalized"-lady
"it was personal, do you have to know?"-me
"sever depression and anxiety"-me
*silence for a good 30 - 45 seconds no typing nothing*-her
"So you're crazy? Did you try to kill yourself?" -her

I hung up on her. I should have asked to speak to a supervisor, but I don't like being called crazy and I was about to burst into tears. I didn't have the... ability.

Really?! REALLY?! I really, really doubt that on the forms it tells her to ask me that.
Sheryl Nome

Dear Boots lady

Oh, hi. I'm just waiting for my friends to finish paying for their lunches. No, I don't have a store card. No, I don't want one, honest. I rarely shop at Boots. No, really, I don't want one. Oh, okay, if it'll shut you up, I'll take a form for one and drop it off sometime, maybe. You want me to fill it out here and you'll take it and send it off for me and then I'll have a temporary paper "card" to use until my plastic one comes? Fine, if it'll make you go away.

You want me to "christen" my new card by buying some of the makeup at your stand? Goodbye.