July 7th, 2011

captain jack's last stand. very angry.

Update from yesterday: Definitely bad service.

A followup to this post from last night:

I got hold of someone at Ontario Student Aid Programs this morning. It only took about 20 minutes on hold. The someone I got hold of was very nice and was able to answer my question almost immediately.

He was very apologetic when I reported my issue from the previous evening. He was even more apologetic when he found out that I had initiated my call at roughly 4:30 and had stayed on hold until after 6 pm.

Why? Because OSAP's phone service center stops answering phones at 4:30.

Is that fact stated on the automated attendant when it answers the phone? No, of course not, or we wouldn't be having this conversation. Yes, you read that right, I spent upwards of an hour on telephone hold on a line that no one was ever going to answer.

This is now firmly in the realm of bad_service. Fortunately, this is in aid of a student who's doing a Master's program, so I will hopefully only have to deal with these folks for 2 years.

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(Manitoba and Newfoundland both turned out to have much shorter wait times on their phone.)
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BBQ sauce fun!

This is the first time i have posted to this community and while reading another Dominos pizza story, i remembered one that me and my partner experienced. I'm not sure if this is proper bad_service or just a little sucky.

My partner and i decided to phone Dominos in our local town for a delivery. We order and half-n-half: mine with just cheese and tomato and my partners with the meaty one (can't remember the name), along with some garlic bread.

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Do you think i'm being too sensitive?

Edit: Now that i think about it, i tried to order my BF's half with one that had a title, but the Dominos i ordered from said they didn't do it, so i asked for just some chicken and sausage (or something along those lines). Perhaps that may be a reason why we didn't know about the BBQ sauce??
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While on vacation, my brother, Mom, and I stopped at a small pizza/ice cream place that we had gone to last year. From what we had seen, they had decent food for a vacation town.

We ordered a cheese pizza and fries. It was busy, so we had to wait probably around 25 minutes. We got our food and went off to eat. I opened the bag of fries. They were completely black, soggy, and cold. Oh, hell no. I walk up to the till.

Me: Hey, these fries were burned and cold. Could you remake them?
Cashier: Oh, they're always like that.
Me: Burned and cold?
Cashier: Yeah.

I'm getting hassled and bumped by a bunch of people who are giving me the death glare, so I retreat with my tail between my legs. I like to think I would've reacted differently if there weren't so many people in the place. Also, the plates were hidden behind three napkin holders. I guess they really didn't want people to have plates.

We go to get ice cream afterwards at my brother's insistence.

Me: Hi, does *insert order here* have walnuts? I'm allergic.
Server: No, it doesn't .
Me: Okay, thanks.

When I get the sundae or whatever, who the server I had talked  to had made, there were walnuts. Except they were mixed in with the ice cream and hidden under chocolate syrup. You trolling, cashier? I'm lucky I pick at my food before I eat it. My brother eats it, no problem, because I didn't want to have to get in line to deal with it. But seriously? Why the fuck would you mix them in?