July 6th, 2011

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This just happened and I need to vent. Backstory: I got a new laptop and was installing all of my games to it. I have the CDs and cases, but have misplaced two manuals (Dragon Age Origins and the expansion Awakening). I contacted EA's online customer support because it's convenient, 24 hrs, and giving my e-mail verbally is annoying. Come to find out, there's another issue entirely. My birth date is incorrect and that's how they verify accounts. So my new issue is I need to fix it. The first log is from early this morning (2am-ish) where the issue was discovered. The second is after I slept, gotten more patient, and came back to resolve the issue. Removed irrelevant information to save from tl;dr. (Private info changed to *)

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I then contacted customer support via phone and they fixed my birth date in about five minutes. Literally. I'm just mad that the online agents lied and frustrated that they ask for information I just told them I didn't have. The second one has a part about me saying I lost my manual and he asks me to send him a picture of said lost manual. (Also the credit card part is my old pay card from a year ago that I thought may work and happened to, so it was an unintentional lie, not intentional.)

Edit due to missed starring out an e-mail. Second edit to fix the one found by others. It's been that kind of day.
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I'm posting here in hopes that I can get some advice

So, we keep getting calls from a collection agencies for the person who lived in our house before us. She hasn't lived her in 6 years and seems to be still giving out the number in order to avoid being found.

The problem is that most of these calls are automated. And we can't keep going to get a live person since they say that if we keep going we are acknowledging that we are the person.

Also, although our phone will usually give us the number of who has called, it doesn't with these agencies. Therefore, we can't call them back to get them to stop calling us.

Is there anything we can do?