June 29th, 2011


Swiss Chalet Grumpiness

Dear Swiss Chalet Server-

The reasons why we didn't leave you a tip are clear, and just to avoid any confusion (ie. you think I'm being cheap) I wrote you a list as follows:

1. No garnish on the Shirley Temple unless specifically ASKED (and then no, oops, sorry, etc, or anything), and when you did bring a garnish... you only had half, floating at the bottom of the drink. (Supposed to be orange and cherry skewered, but instead it was a cherry, etc)
2. No water refills.
3. No checking up on us, or even asking if we'd like refills.
4. When you forgot the butter and sour cream, and we tried to ask you when you delivered the meals if we could please have some, a simple yes would have been a fine response. Cutting us off to snap yes and run off was not.
5. Overall, since the moment you greeted us, you had this attitude that us being there was a bother to you.

No love,

Mind you, my wording was a bit shorter since I was writing in a smaller space. It wasn't one specific item, but everything that warranted the lack of a tip.

Dear Mr. FedEx Man

When you deliver a package that says you left it at the front door, and I return home and don't find it there, I will be upset. I will call Customer Service. They will call you to find out the details of the delivery.

On the side of my house behind my 96-gallon recycling bin is NOT the front porch. Thanks for making me doubt my neighbors.

No love,


This didn't happen to me, but... (EDIT)

Sorry this isn't behind a cut. I don't know how. I would like to know so I can do so.
 I have a friend who is currently unemployed. She would LOVE to be working but she has a lot of mental health issues that she needs to work through. She's a sweet girl and highly sensitive about the fact that she is unemployed. She suffers from acute panic attacks in certain situations, HATES to leave the house- but did so the other day in order to buy a new bed. She has been HIGHLY traumatized by all of the earthquakes that have been happening. Suffice it to say she had to crawl over a corpse to escape the building she was in- on the day of the big February quake.

She's only 18, so still lives with her mum and her own live-in boyfriend (a great guy). She went into Harvey Norman's (a big furniture/ computer/ whatever shop here in New Zealand).

She decided on a bed, and went to discuss it with one of the employees. Her mum was with her at the time (she was the one that relayed the story to me). Mum was going to buy it, and take a certain amount of her daughter's sickness benefit every week. 

However, first of all, the guy asked S (my friend) what she did for a job. She told him she was unemployed.

I guess you had to be there to have heard the HORRIBLE tone that he used on S. He said:
"NO. Not if you are unemployed. If you don't work for a living, you can't have a nice new bed. How about getting a job first?"
Poor S burst into tears then and there, apparently. Never mind the fact that her MUM was going to pay for the bed, so it didn't matter at all that she was unemployed. What a bastard.
When her mum called me to say what had happened, her voice was shaking with emotion. She had to leave then and there because S was so upset and she didn't want to embarrass her further by making a scene.
I decided to go back with her Mum to talk about what had happened. Her father also came along and he was ENRAGED. I tried to talk to a manager about what had happened, but he brushed us off by saying "none of his staff would say something like that." At this point her father kicked a piece of furniture and stormed out- which ruined it for all of us, of course.

Some of you are calling BS on me, which I have no problem with. Noone should believe everything they read, and this is pretty unbelievable.

I don't know if any of you have read "Matilda" (the book, not the movie!). The Trunchbull gets away with what she does because, as Hortense said, she goes the whole hog. Does things that are SO extreme that noone will believe what you say.

But seriously, I don't think that it's unbelievable that her dad kicked a piece of furniture (I think it was an armchair). Have you never kicked anything while mad? And he does have a violent temper. The guy was lucky that he didn't punch him in the face, as he is wont to do.

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Apartment WTF?!!

This did NOT happen to me, but to my friend M.

My friend M is moving out and into a new apartment. She's already put down her security deposit but hasn't signed anything. She's slated to move in next week on the 6th. Everything was going great until today. The apartment people call her and say SURPRISE! The guy in your apartment has backed out last minute and isn't moving. We don't have anything else for you available...how about maybe in August?

o.O What the hell? Can they do that? They promised to "call her back" to see if they can fix something up for her. But I doubt it. I hope she can get her security deposit back. She's fuming mad. This just adds to her bad luck streak she's been having.

EDIT: So apparently not really bad service.

EDIT 2: They hashed it out and she's moving into a different apartment complex under same management (third floor...oh god when I help her move I'm going to die) and they gave her a "nicer" apartment for less. So it turned out well!
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