June 23rd, 2011

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At least I will never have to deal with this again, right?

I got married last month, on a Saturday. The wedding was held in my husband's hometown, and the Wednesday before the wedding I drove up to take care of all the last-minute details. On Thursday my mother-in-law and I went to the courthouse to pick up the marriage license. I'd checked online to see what I needed, and I thought I had everything I needed... until I went in and they told me there was a three-day waiting period before I could pick up the license.

Needless to say, I panicked. One of the women working there asked, "Do you have the wedding all planned out?" I told her that yes, we'd been planning it for a year, and she snapped, "Well why'd you wait so long, then?!"

Well, gee, lady, maybe it's because I mis-read your website and I live in a town that's two hours away and can't just swing by when I have free time.

She went on to say that they could waive the waiting period for a $10 fee, but that my husband needed to be there (or I at least needed his driver's license) as he was the one registered as living in that county. Fair enough, but he wasn't supposed to arrive in town until after 5:00 that day, so I asked if he could come in and pick it up tomorrow. Her response? "Well we close at one on Fridays and there's a lot of paperwork to do, he can't just come in at the last minute!" As if I had purposely waited to come in just to piss her off and make her job harder. I realize it was my fault that I didn't have the correct information, but she was just so nasty about the whole thing. This was seriously the only thing about planning the wedding that brought me to tears.

The kicker is, when my husband went in to pick up the license, they asked why he hadn't gotten it earlier. He told them, "My fiancee went in to get it yesterday and you wouldn't give it to her" and they gave him the license without the extra fee, no problem.
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WTF service...oversharing

So, I'm not entirely sure how to categorize this, since I was kind of friendly with the person who did it, but not to the level where Collapse )

TL;DR Cashier thinks because he and I sometimes have conversations, it means he can drop tragic and dramatic, highly personal stories on me at any moment.