June 20th, 2011


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I'll just copy and paste the e-mails for this, so y'all can see exactly what has been happening. (The company 'Hagen' that is mentioned is the manufacturer of the product, none of this is their responsibility.)
All of the contact was through my fiance. (Signed 'em all with my username here purely for clarity.)
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Bad Kitty

WTF Condiments?

More WTF than bad I suppose but the 2nd encounter just happened and that was funny enough to make me decide to post it.

A new MEGA supermarket recently opened and they have a cafeteria style restaurant inside. I decided to get a hot dog and when they asked what I want on it I said a little mustard and relish. When I sat down and opened the package I had to remove the hot dog and use napkins to scrape off the majority of the quart of mustard and jar of relish they had put on it. No lie, the volume of mustard and relish was larger than the volume of the hot dog itself and it was a jumbo dog.

A few days ago I am in there around lunch and the "fixed" hot dog was quite good so I order another one...

Employee #1: What would you like on it?
Me: Plain please.
E #1: You don't want anything on it?
Me: Yeah, just plain.
Employee #2: Are you sure? You just want a hot dog with no condiments?
Me: Yeah, I saw you had packets of mustard and relish in the seating area so I'll just take care of it myself.
E #1: Are you sure? We can put that on for you.
Me: Yes, I'm sure. Thanks anyway.
Other customer: (to me) Wow...they really want to put something on your hot dog.
Me (laughing) I know...funny thing is the last time I asked them for a little mustard and relish they dumped a ton on it. I'm just trying to avoid having to scrape mustard and relish off again.