June 15th, 2011

Holy. Freaking. Hell.

Scene: Sl***ers Bar & Grill
Event: Weekly karaoke night

So the night started off pretty well. A group of five of us, everyone's singing, drinking a little bit, having a good time. The end of the night rolls around, and the karaoke event is winding down, and everyone's receiving their night's checks.

But wait a minute...

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To top it off, after everybody at our table made a scene about it, and she re-printed the checks (with the table number reading "FB01", no less) she decided to be cheeky and add an automatic 25% gratuity to everyone's checks. Now look, before this starts a wank, I'm not 100% familiar with bar/restaurant etiquette, but I'm pretty sure the last thing you should be thinking about, after you were caught printing "FAT BITCH" on my ticket, is putting in an automatic tip on my check. I just regret not noticing it until early this morning.

All in all, good job, waitress. Have fun being unemployed.