June 6th, 2011


Why does it take so long to get a case?

Recently I got a new phone the Samsung Reality from a nearby Verizon Wireless store because my boyfriend has had his Reality since the fall and it's a good phone so I wanted one too. They originally came in two colors, black and red. Since we didn't want our phones getting mixed up, I asked for a red one only to be informed they discontinued making that color and only have the black. However, they said I could get a colored case instead to which I agreed and had Verizon order me a purple one, which was over 2 months ago.

About two weeks ago, I figure I'd go back into the store and see why it was taking so long to get a case. I tell them I ordered it back in April and one of the employees goes in the back to try to find it but they can't and look on their computer to where it was shipped to. They tell me they got it in and tried to call my mom that it was in (the service is under my mom's name but I pay her my bill) and she never called back (mom fail) and instead it was shipped to another store- 45 minutes away. Wtf? They tell me I can go over and pick it up at that store, no way, I'm not driving all the way over there when it should have been there. They tell me they will contact the store it was shipped to and have it sent back to their store and contact me personally when it comes in. The problem is, like I said, it's been over two weeks. I'm extremely frusterated that it has taken this long just to get a case.

What should I do guys? Call corporate, call the Verizon store where I originally purchased my phone and case from, or something else? I'm not familiar working directly with cell phone stores as before my father passed, we always just ordered phones from Verizon online and had it shipped to the house.

Waxing woes

Hey all. I have a ligit bad_service to report here this time. Actually, I have a few of them, and they all have to do with salons. I'm one of those girls who needs to go get some facial waxing done once a week. My sister and I found this one place about a month ago and we've been there twice. Both experiences sucked in some way.

The first time was great when it came to the waxing. The lady knew what she was doing and her work came out pretty good other than a little patch she accidentally got out of my eyebrow. But it was her last day on the job because the following Monday she was opening her own salon. The entire time we were there she kept going on about how this place we were at was so dirty and the boss would go next door and gamble all the petty cash. We don't know if it was true or not (the place was dirty but certainly not the dirtiest I've seen). It was just surprising how much she badmouthed her boss.

This second time (last week) was completely the opposite. The girl who did our faces was very sweet and professional. If only she knew what the hell she was doing. She didn't pull the wax strips in the right direction so she had to go over them like five times each (yeah, ouch) and whenever I asked her a question about skincare after waxing she got a total n00b face and it was clear she really had no idea what she was talking about.

But that doesn't even come close to this other place I had to go to in a pinch due to a time restriction. The second I walked in I knew this place was bad. It fucking reeked of chemicals. There was zero ventilation. And to make matters worse, hardly anyone there spoke english. That's usually not a problem but when I asked if the wax she was using was for sensitive skin she had no idea what I was saying. I left lightheaded with a quickly breaking out upper lip.
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BS, or customer suck?

Not sure if this is bad service or me being stupid, but its been bugging me, so I thought I'd ask.

So I went into an Aldo shoes store yesterday and asked to try on a pair of shoes. The sales woman got the pair of shoes for me to try on, and while I was removing the shoes I wore to the store, she must have noticed that the back of my foot was a bit red (I don't wear these shoes that often and had been walking around a lot that day). She says, "Oh, do you get blisters from those shoes? Would you like to put this in there?" and shows me this little pad with sticky tape on the back. My foot isn't really bothering me much, but since she offered I figured, "eh, why not." At this point I'm just assuming that its a nice gesture that they offer to their customers, so I accept. Then as soon as I've removed the tape and put the thing in the back of my shoe, she proceeds to tell me that "those are $6," so "I'll just go ring you up."

I'm sure this is a customer suck on my part for not explicitly asking if they were free or not, but I think that the woman's tone and the way she offered was incredibly disingenuous. She never asked if I'd like to "buy" the product, and only mentioned the price AFTER I had already applied them to my shoes. If I knew they cost anything, especially such a ridiculous amount for a stupid little foamy thing, I would have definitely declined. I dunno, I'm sure I'm incredibly naive for thinking that they would be free (though I have been to shoe stores where they offer little things like this as a courtesy), but I felt tricked, and looking back it really seems like she purposely used a misleading tone and vague offer to get me to buy the inserts.

In addition, the stupid things actually ended up making my feet hurt worse, so boo.