May 31st, 2011

Oh Noes (RE)

Cell phone frustration

This may not be the worst thing ever but boy am I frustrated. About 3 weeks ago I dropped my cell phone at work (a Motorola Cliq) and the touch screen completely shattered. By some grace of God, it was still functioning, which was great because the insurance company wanted $130 to replace it. I think this is way too much and I started looking around on ebay for something cheaper. Eventually though my phone did start to break in other ways (freezing, refusing to open texts or let me answer calls, etc) and I resolved to buy the next phone I found under $130.

I soon found a MyTouch 3g for $94 that was ending soon with no bids. This was last Thursday, May 26th. It was listed by the company Mobile Karma and under the condition tab, it was listed as good. I won the phone and immediately paid through Paypal. I was sending this payment from my phone though and I didn't realize the address that was set to home was an old one. I immediately sent the seller an ebay message and the next morning I called their 800 number.

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