May 24th, 2011


Terminix and Apartment suck

This just happened and it has left me in so much rage that I can't sleep anymore. :|

I live in a apartment and over the weekend they left a little note that Terminix would be by on Monday from between 9am and 12pm. By law the landlord has to give us at the least 24 hours notice before anyone comes to the apartment so little notes like this are great. I make sure the roomie knows about it but they never showed. This annoys me and the roommate since we don't get a lot of sleep due to work so having to get up early and spend all morning waiting for someone sucks.

Well, today they showed at 9:30 and I guess them coming in woke the roommate up, so she came out to and saw that these idiots had left the door wide open! There's two reasons why this is a big no-no: 1. we don't live in the best of areas so having a door wide open so that anyone can look in and see what we have isn't the best idea and 2. we have a cat who is a indoor cat only! Sure you can guess where this is going...

My roomie is pissed! She closed the door and then looked for the cat...and couldn't find her. Cue the both us in a blind panic as we search for her inside and out. All the while the idiot from Terminix is going to the other apartments and doesn't seem to even care that I am near tears. Thankful, I found her hiding since the Terminix person must have scared her and I went outside to call my roommate back in. Terminix person hears this and asks if we found her, roommate says yes and Terminix just goes back to work. No sorry, no nothing! I just almost had a panic attack you stupid idiot, at least say sorry!

Not only am I mad with Terminix, but the landlord as well. By law they have to give us a 24 hour notice before anyone comes to the apartment. If Terminix changed the day the landlord should have let us know as well. All I know now is that I'm buying a security bar for the door so that this never happens again.