May 20th, 2011

Dominos weird/funny/bad service.

       Had some weird and quite funny service from dominos about a year ago. I had had this really nice garlic bread at another dominos in the same state and wanted to try it again at my new dominos. After explaining what i was after it didn't sound like the sold the same thing there(it looked like a pizza but was just round garlic bread). The guy that i was speaking to told me that he could make me his "specialty" and he thought it sounded very similar to what i was after. I thought i might as well give it a go.

When the pizza and "garlic bread" were delivered the guy handed me two large pizza boxes so it seemed a bit bigger that i expected, but ok.  When i opened it it in a fairly dim lit room it looked like a cheese pizza, i thought maybe it was just a cheese pizza with a bit of garlic because i could definitely smell garlic. I took a massive bite and found out that it was actually just a pizza base with probably an entire jar if not more of crushed garlic. It hadn't even cooked the whole way through. There wasn't any cheese tomato paste or anything else just a pizza base with a 1cm thick layer of crushed watery garlic on top. Even after spitting out the mouthful i could taste and smell garlic for days.

I just wonder how many other people have gotten his "specialty" lol. The funny part is i really think he has no clue about garlic and really thought he was making something amazing, poor kid. The boss probably wondered how they went through so much garlic so quickly :D