May 18th, 2011


healthcare rage

:D hi first post here and all that jazz and I apologize at once for the doozy that is this post! /inb4no1curr

SO I am a sickly person. I am quick often sick! I live in the US and, while I am lucky to have insurance, the healthcare system can be royal pain in the backside.

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tl;dr: Billing people at this hospital screwed up something royally, offered no apology, then lectured me on car payments.
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Thank you so very much for ruining what was to be my first trip to New York City. I was very excited until we got to our hotel. It turns out that you lied on your website. In spite of the fact that you told us we would be getting two queen beds, it turns out the hotel doesn't have any rooms with two queens. So, my parents are crammed together on a double.

But that isn't the worst part. They can live with that, though they aren't happy. What is worse, though, is that when my mother selected non-smoking on the reservation, and in spite of the fact that you confirmed non-smoking, you somehow decided that meant smoking. So, because the hotel is full and can't give us another room, we are stuck in a smoking room for three days. My allergies are already starting to act up and we haven't even been here an hour. The room is permeated with the stench of smoke. It is disgusting.


A very angry former customer
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Rather minor witnessed (and slightly experianced bad service)

This is a bizzare collision of bad service and general WTF that rather made me want to curl up in a ball and duck flying candy (the reason I'm calling it bad service is mostly because of how I felt in the middle of it). This took place at Riddle Grocery, a very small convincence/general store.

Woman A and Small Child buy a Butterfinger candy (for reference, this is a hard peanut butter candy with chocolate enrobing/covering). I'm the last in line, so by the time I get to the very small counter at the front of the shop, they have left the store, opened the candy and come back. She slides in before me (I was drifting a bit so no big, I didn't mind) and asked to exchange the bar as there was no chocolate (I'm guessing it slipped past the enrober and into wrapping some how).

Now this store is owned by a husband and wife team, the wife (who was at the register) agrees and waves her off before handing the bar to her husband (and I'm assuming telling him the problem, I honestly have no idea what she said to him) then starts in on my purchases.

Hubby in the mean time (a usually nice man...) starts yelling at the woman that 'all the bars are the same' and 'don't open things' (I'm guessing, again, no idea, that she was opening another bar to make sure there was chocolate on it, I didn't see her). He then sets the bar aside after a snarky comment from the woman and starts throwing my purchaes around while asking me if I wanted to open mine. Here is the part that made me highly uncomfortable, because while this CAN be said jokingly (and if it had been, I would have gone along with I said, he's usually a cool guy, but the tone and the fact he threw my candies around hard enough they bounced a bit, made me want to duck and cover in case he threw anything else.

Over all, it was just...weird and made me highly uncomfortable to be, literally at one point, in the middle of.

Maybe I'll just pick a not so busy time to pick up candy...
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