May 17th, 2011

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Update to this post. FTD still hasn't delivered the flowers to my grandmother. My mom has spoken to them no less than five times. They've agreed to refund what she paid them, but when she called Groupon (which is the only reason she went FTD in the first place), they said "Oh, that sucks. Let us know if it never gets delivered and we'll refund you." She said "hey, it's been TEN DAYS, and I paid the higher price to be able to use it for Mother's Day and it's now well past that", and the Groupon rep said "Oh, you misunderstood. If it doesn't get delivered at all, we'll work out a refund with you." ::facepalm::

Am I being scammed by my dentist, should I switch?

I got some possible bad service and I need the community's advice on whether I am being scammed by my new dentist or I'm just overreacting.

So I just got a new dentist the beginning of this year because my mom suggested the same dentist she goes to which is conviently right up the road from my boyfriend and I's house, awesome!

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What do you guys think, am I being scammed? Should I seek out a new dentist or am I just confused and overreacting?

Possible Bad Business

So, I'm having some slight landlord/utility bill issues.

My girlfriend and I just moved into a new place on April 1st and absolutely love it. Apartment building with amazing amenities, 33rd floor overlooking the city, etc. On our lease, it says we should get the first utility bill 45 days after we first move in, with every bill after that being 30 day intervals (it's a company that just gives you one big bill for all of your utilities, which are water and electric). So a few days ago, I realized we had not received our bill, and contacted my landlord. He told me they accidentally sent him the bill, and he scanned it to me via e-mail.

On the bill, I noticed that there was a late fee of 10 dollars and a previous balance of 72 dollars. How would we have a previous balance and late fee when this was our first bill? I contacted my landlord and he told me to contact the company. Upon contacting the company, they told me that it was a balance from previous tenants and it would need to be worked out with my landlord. I contacted my landlord again and he told me that it was an issue between me and the utility company, and that he has no role in this.

Any idea where to go from here? I have a sneaking suspicion I'm getting bad business/service from somewhere, but it could also be a bit of red tape as well. I have no desire to pay an extra 82 dollars on someone's previous balance.

EDIT: Just got off the phone with my landlord, he took care of everything. Apparently the previous balance/late fee was the bill for the month following the last tenants and before we moved in. He paid it, apologized, and set up the bill in my name for all future cycles. So yay for avoiding bad service!