May 12th, 2011


Dorm room cleaning fun

So, maybe I'm just really sensitive, but this is bugging me.

I'm a student at a university, living in the dorms. Today is Thursday, May 12. Exams were last week, and all students were supposed to be moved out by last Friday, or Saturday at the latest. I had mandatory meetings and a conference this week on Tuesday, Wednesday and today that I had to be on campus for.
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ETA: Went back after my meetings, not a cleaning person in sight. They'd probably moved on to another floor/building. No signs they'd gone into my room though, so at least there's that. I moved out fine and dandy. Thanks for all the comments. Like I said, I can totally understand why they would be annoyed with me, it just bothered me that they let it show that much in front of me.

I was really hoping to go another couple of months before needing to post here again...

Last Saturday, another fast food location actually managed to trump the Wendy's I've complained about here. I had been out at dealerships all morning and had to work at 2PM, so when we were heading home at 12~12:20ish, we stopped at McDonald's. I wanted to be home at 1:15ish so I'd have time to eat my lunch and finish getting ready (I was already halfway ready and I only have a 5 minute commute.) Anyway, they had a job fair going on in the parking lot and there was a bit of a line at the drive through but it wasn't all that bad.
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I complained through the McDonald's website but of course, nobody has gotten back to me. Does anyone know of another way I can contact them? Needless to say, we'll be driving the extra mile or so to Bojangles or Taco Bell or something next time we need fast food (which thankfully isn't often... oiy.)

Edited because I think it's important to note, there was a job fair going on which had half of the (very small) parking lot closed off for two tables and two booths, and the inside had things like face painting and activities for kids going on, so there was nowhere to park and the inside was crowded. Hence going to the drive thru. Otherwise, when we're ordering for the whole family like this, we go inside.

I also have a friend who went to this location yesterday and had the same issue, sans change problems - they messed up her whole order and she had to try several times to get it fixed, so it looks like this is an ongoing issue.

Huzzah last edit I PROMISE. I got a .pdf letter from their area supervisor - or as she said on the phone, customer satisfaction supervisor. It honestly sounds like the SAME manager who came to the window and gave us nonsense. It says in the letter that she is the "area supervisor" and that she is the "store supervisor" so I don't know if its the only store in the ~area~ or what. But on the phone, it sounded exactly like her. I have also heard back from the corporate email, and I emailed the store manager - asking for this to be dealt with through him if possible, but never heard back from him.
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Tenancy woes

Hey guys. Just want some opinions here, on whether this is really bad service or I'm overreacting, or something.

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update now that I've calmed down: I'm going to my local legal centre first thing tomorrow to get someone to advocate for me. This is getting ridiculous.
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