May 4th, 2011

Get that out of my face

I like the NHS, but... *sigh*

Registering with a new doctors' practice: never all that fun. Too many forms, takes too long (seriously, why does it take so long for records to be passed from one practice to another?), etc. The nurse I had my registering appointment with today makes me not want to see her again.

First off, when I mildly raised an eyebrow at my recorded weight (as in, huh, my own scales said a few pounds different), she said "Well, you have a sedentary job and don't exercise, what do you expect?" For the record, I'm within the 'ideal' BMI range (and even if BMI means very little, it's what doctors and nurses tend to go by).
Secondly, after the receptionist had told me that a letter with my previous address on it would be fine as ID, the nurse told me it wasn't enough and then acted like it was my fault for not knowing, despite what I had been told.
Finally, and this is the one that makes me quite keen not to see her again, I expressed some wariness about the smear test that she insisted I have, claiming "If you can have sex, you can deal with a smear test." Um, hello, heterocentric much? I know it's important and I know I will have to have one eventually, but that doesn't mean you can dismiss my concerns and anxieties. Especially since you can't tell the gender of my partner just from looking at me, or from me saying "I have only been sexually active for about a year". Don't make assumptions, or I will leave not liking you very much.

ETA: Nurse actually administering the test was super nice and sympathetic, and didn't pressure me when I had to stop cos of the pain. Yay for good service :)