April 30th, 2011

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My husband and I had insurance with Colorado Casualty last year and when our policy was up for renewal 1/22/11 we had several issues with them the months leading to it.

First issue was when we removed the direct withdrawals from our account we were billed, we called to make a payment in November and their system was down. Okay, fine. We gave them our account information and asked that once the system was up they take the payment. Two weeks later and the money is still in our account and we get a notice that we're past due. We call in and the systems are still down. Well, now it is December and we ask them for our renewal, which hasn't been produced. So, we say okay and we start looking at other companies but we are wanting to compare rates so we wait on our renewal. Finally, we call again and they get the payment to go through but the renewal is still not produced on 1/18/2011 so we said okay and we ended up getting insurance with another company. We call Colorado Casualty on 1/19/2011 and ask them to non-renew us because we thought it was ridiculous we still had no idea what the renewal amount was. They couldn't even verbally tell us on the phone. We canceled our home and auto and went to USAA.

Well, in March we get our renewal. Didn't do us much good and we figured it had gone out before they canceled us. Then we get a bill telling us we owe them. We call and they said no we don't owe anything and not to worry. A week later we get another bill telling us we are in risk of cancellation and we call again and they told us they hadn't canceled us. So, my husband asked for them to send something to show they've canceled us and they said they would. We forgot all about it until today when I check my mail and I get an endorsement not showing a cancellation but that they had removed the full coverage from our policy with the new amount we owe and a letter post marked 4/28 stating they will be canceling us 4/25 and sending our account to collections.

I am furious. I don't know what more I can do to make them cancel this damn policy. I have faxed my new policies showing new coverage as of midnight 1/22/11. I am absolutely livid and if I see this on my credit I will probably completely lose it. How many ways can you tell a company "please cancel my policy."?
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follow up to this post.

I emailed hostelworld.com, the site I originally booked with, saying:

"Just briefly, can you tell me if the organisation Hostels United Worldwide exists? I have recently given a lower-than-their-average rating to a hostel, booked through this website, and they disputed it and I got an email from HUW, saying that I have been blacklisted from all hostels in North America as a result of giving them 60% to their usual 90%+. I am just wondering if this is true at all, or if there is some foul play and intimidation tactics going on. IS there such a thing as a lifelong ban on staying in hostels?"

And got the response:


I do not think it actually exist, and even if it does you cannot be banned for giving a lower rating, that is non sense.
You are welcome and free to book any hostels that you would like anywhere on our site."

Hah! Tell me, what should I do now? Should I shrug off the faux blacklisting and pretend it never happened, or should I do something about reporting the hostel, or otherwise let them know that I know that they're full of crap?