April 29th, 2011

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So, I dunno if this is bad service or just whaaaaa service but it was frustrating/amusing all the same.

I bought a Sharing Spree Coupon - similar to Groupon/Living Social but it donates parts of the money to local groups, schools, etc. So good cause and a good deal, what's not to love? I bought a Papa John's one a few weeks ago - you pay $10 for $20 worth of pizza goodies. The only caveat it is you had to pick a certain location & it was carryout only.

Yesterday, I decided to use the coupon and placed my order online a few hours in advance. I double and triple checked I picked the right location and read the coupon instructions to make sure I was doing everything correct so I didn't turn into a Sucky Customer. I show up to get my pizza, provide the coupon to the cashier.. I knew it was going to be bad when the guy stared at it blankly for a good 45 seconds. Then he types something in his computer. Goes back to reading the coupon (there's not a TON of info on there mind you). And then the fun starts.

Note: My order total was $20.89
Cashier: Okay, your total is $10.89 then
Me: No, it should just be the 89 cents...that's good for $20 here.
*Casher reads it again*
Cashier: No, it says $10 right there
Me: It says $10 for $20 worth of food - I paid $10 but it's worth double *points to where it says so*
Cashier: That doesn't seem right...*stares at paper and then starts typing on computer for about 2-3 minutes*
Me - very confused at this point
Cashier: *looking at coupon again* Oh, you're at the wrong location!
Me: No, the location that this is good for is right here  *points to same* This matches your address & phone number so it's got to be right.
Cashier: That's not us. We're the Cedar Hills location.
Me: This....is your address though - it says it right here on cards, it matches. 
Cashier: Uh yeah, but you're at the wrong place. We're the CEDAR HILLS location (it should be noted that area, Cedar Hills, is a mall that's about 3 miles north of where we were, so not even close. And there's no Papa John's there).

At this point I just kinda stare. I'm confused - I know I did everything correct but I'm being stonewalled by this guy. Finally a co-worker comes up to help. She tells him that he just needs to run it as cash and he argues I'm at the wrong place. She tells him it's not my fault it printed wrong. I did ask her what printed wrong - she says the location. Again, I point out the address on their information and that it matches but she still tells me it's wrong. WHAT. She then told me "We haven't been handling these coupons well" which is nice of her to admit, but why aren't they trained on these at this point? I get my pizza and leave but I'm still really perplexed what the issue even was.

Edited to add: Just to explain the coupon better - you pay the website the $10, which in turn gives you a $20 coupon good at Papa Johns. So an awesome deal which is why I love sites like these!
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