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April 26th, 2011

Apr. 26th, 2011

Has anyone heard of Hostels United Worldwide?

I ask because there's some potential ridiculous bad service going on here, or maybe I'm completely off the mark.

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Sorry, But I Am Not Psychic...

Friday afternoon, I went to the supermarket to pick up about a dozen items needed for a last minute recipe we decided to add in to our  Easter Dinner.  I get the items I need quickly and pick a line where there is one person in it and the bagger is done bagging a couple of items, so I figure this will be really quick.  Boy was I ever wrong.

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Parking services.

So, I'm really not sure how much of this is bad service and how much of it is "someone bent a policy for me in the past but did not tell me this was the case, so I've taken it as the norm." I'd appreciate opinions.Collapse )

Internets, I am annoyed.

Okay, I need a second opinion on this, so where better to go to than the internet, where they will say both "yea" and "nay" and then try and sell me cheap herbal v1agra, right? Right! :D

Longish story as short as possible: I bought The Sims 3 to play on my shiny new laptop, and all is well for about a week. Then, suddenly, any time I try and move the camera or zoom in/out, the graphics driver crashes and the computer bluescreens. After several days of fruitless Googling, I finally admit defeat and contact their tech support, who tell me my processor is 1.3 0.13 GHz under their minimum requirements and inform me, in so many words, that that's why it's crashing.

Okay, except: no. If EA is really cutting their minimum requirements so close that such a small difference in processor speed can cause such spectacular crashes, that's both shitty programming and shitty policy. Also, you know, I managed to run the game before without any problems, dammit! So I decide maybe I shouldn't trust Windows when it told me the graphics driver was up to date and working fine, uninstall the driver and install the latest version from Intel's website, and whaddaya know, it works! \o/

So my actual problem is now solved, but I'm annoyed at EA. I mean, I used to work tech support, I understand that minimum requirements exist for a reason, it's my responsibility to double-check my system meets them, and a company as big as EA probably cannot afford to spend resources trying to solve problems on systems that don't meet the minimums.

But if that's the policy, then tell me that. If I'd been told that sorry, they can't offer support because my system isn't up to spec --fair enough, they have to draw the line somewhere. But don't fucking lie to me and tell me my system is the problem when you've not even done any troubleshooting? No. In fact: hell no.

Or is that just me? Am I perhaps overreacting to this because I used to have a co-worker who did that "I've found this minor thing wrong on your end, so I'm going to blame all the ills on the world on that so you'll go away," and I spent hours of my life cleaning up after his messes? What say you, bad_service?

[ETA] Apparently, I can't do basic maths anymore. Their minimum requirement is 2.4, my processor is 2.27. Fixed now, sorry! [/ETA]


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