April 25th, 2011

Ongoing suckage, halp!

So, two weeks ago my XBOX360 rrod'd on me (in the middle of a wonderful, zombie-filled Borderlands game, oh no!) Being that I've repaired plenty of computers in the past, I figured I would take a shot at the XBOX, which to my knowledge is not under any sort of warranty as it was purchased used from a friend of a friend. Anyway. I hopped on over to Ebay and ordered a kit with everything I needed - the screwdrivers, washers, thermal paste, etc. I pay for the item instantly with Paypal and wait. The seller shipped the item out the next day and the tracking started updating, awesome!

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So, sucks that USPS didn't get back to me in their timeframe and that the seller is giving me canned responses instead of acknowledging what I've written. What happens from here on out? Will I ever hear back from USPS? Is the seller obligated to refund me or offer a replacement item? Am I correct in placing the b_s blame on the USPS for losing my item and failing to get back to me? Is this b_s from the seller for not offering any refunds or replacements? There doesn't seem to be any sort of policy from the seller in place as far as lost items go, if it matters. The only other time I have dealt with a lost package, the seller immediately sent me a replacement, but I don't know if that's the norm or what. I know this isn't a huge suck and that both the seller and USPS might redeem themselves on it, but I don't want to insist on being laid back about this to the point where I get screwed over. Eep.