April 21st, 2011

when I knew "the end" [APH]

Glasses Suckery

So, my glasses broke roughly four weeks ago. I called my insurance and found that I was covered for an exam and a new pair of glasses, and they gave me a local place to go to. I made my way there, had a very pleasant exam, chose a nice pair of frames (that they didn't have actively in the room, but that they said they could order - this becomes important), and then asked how long it would be until my new pair came in.

"Oh, seven to ten days," they replied. "We'll call you when they come in."

I thought this was a bit long, but I decided to roll with it - electrical tape was holding my poor frames together well enough. So I waited.

And waited.

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eta;; Thank you all so much for the suggestions! I'm calling after class and if their reply is anything other than "your glasses are in right now" I'm demanding a refund and going to 39 Dollar Glasses. Speaking of which - anyone have any particular frame recommendations? I have a sort of oval-y face, hahaha. :D

BAAAAD Service at my dad's work

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TL;DR: My father tries to get insurance info for my dying grandma and because he worked at the same company he was trying to get the info from, dumb CS woman says he can't get it and that she's going to report him. Dumb CS woman reports him and my dad is suspended without pay for a week and a half without being told anything.

EDIT: Thank you to everyone for your kind words regarding my loss. Unfournately, my grandma just also passed away on April 23rd (we did not tell my grandma about my father, she was too out of it to comprehend it anyways). I'm still in shock about my father but losing my grandma as well just plain sucks. I will be sure to update everyone on if anything happens regarding BCBSM and his cause of death if anyone is interested. You are all so wonderful and I'm glad we are all apart of something (even if it's crappy service!). <3