April 20th, 2011

Kyetsu will bite you
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More annoying than sucky, but still...

So the power cord for my netbook recently broke. As in, the part that plugs into the computer almost completely snapped off the cord itself. Try to imagine feeling the back of your netbook, and suddenly touching exposed wires. Fun times, they were. So I went to my local RadioShack with one goal in mind: Purchase new power adapter to charge my lazernetbook.

I walk into RS, and there was one lone employee at the register. So I ask for his help, show him my netbook and busted adapter, and he's very helpful with getting me a new cord in my price range. He was not the culprit of the bad service. He was awesome, and I wish good things on him. What happened next made it a bad experience.

Several minutes into our exchange, another employee comes out from the back, and immediately starts hovering around the guy helping me. And every time I said anything, he would chime in with some offer to sell me stuff. If I mentioned the netbook, he told me he could sell me a new one, or some extra doo-dad for it. When I mentioned my cell phone (because I'm thinking of getting a spare charger), this guy started telling me I should buy a brand new cell phone from him! Really...If I mentioned my cats, he prolly would have tried to sell me a carrier or a new cat or something.

I'm pretty sure RadioShack goes on commissions (please correct me if I'm wrong), but this was uncalled for. I got the feeling that the second guy was trying to steal/undermine the helpful guy's sale, and get the money for himself. Whatever the cause, I'm actually glad I didn't get him in the first place...I'd spend the entire time with him trying to sell me the whole store.

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