April 15th, 2011

I'd rather push a Ford than shop at your Chevy dealer

So my sister had me run into the Chevy dealer yesterday to get two seatbelt extensions because the ones she has doesn't fit in her husband's truck. I go in and ask for them. The guy behind the counter? Asked if they were for me. The first thing that pissed me off about this was that it's none of his goddamn business who they're for. The second thing was that I'm not that big. I may be fat but jesus I don't need an extension to buckle up (no offense to my sister or anyone else who does)! I gave him my best bitchface and said, "Wow, you just went from 0 to douchebag in 2.4 seconds." He said, "Excuse me?" and I was like, "That was a very fucking rude thing to say to someone, especially a customer." He just rolled his eyes and I ended up leaving because I didn't have enough info to get the extensions.

Still, the dude was a total fuckwit. And here I was all these years supporting Chevy in the Ford vs. Chevy debates my sister and I have! D:

I'm still thawing

 This may be a small suck in the scale of things, but I get cranky when I'm cold, so it pissed the hell out of me.  
I'll start by saying I don't own a car.  I get around on my feet, the bus, and by the kindness of friends and family.  So tonight I went to a Bud, spud and steak fundraiser hosted by my boyfriend's workplace.  It was at a popular club in the city, so that we could eat, and then stay at the bar once it opened for regular business.  Around 9:30, we decided to head to another bar, as this one wasn't exactly our scene.  His workplace was kind enough to give us cab slips so we could get a free ride home.  We called the cab company shortly after 9:30, and went outside to wait, since we assumed that 1) it's early enough in the night that they wouldn't be too busy, and 2) It's a popular place to go, so there should be cabs in the area already.  Apparently these were bad assumptions.  

About 20 minutes later we called back to see where the cab was.  We were cold, wet and miserable. (It was, and still is, snowing wet slushy nastiness) The dispatcher said the cab was on the way.  WE waited another 15 minutes, before begging the bar staff to let us back in (there are separate in and out doors, and security is pretty tight) now slightly warmer, we continued to wait, and wait, and wait some more.  After almost an hour since our first call, my boyfriend called again.  I'll admit that his wording was more along the lines of "where the F**K is our cab" than it perhaps should have been, but by this time we had been waiting an hour, we were cold, and we really wanted to go meet up with our friends at the other bar.  The response he got? "Well you should be waiting at the door to *hotel*"  I'm sorry, but when I say I want a cab to *nightclub*, you shouldn't send one to *hotel*, and magically expect me to know that is where I should be waiting.  Yes, they are the same building, but the doors are on complete opposite sides.  
Oh, and in the time we were waiting? At least half a dozen cabs from the other major company in the city went by, some dropping passengers off, some just cruising.  Guess which company I'll be calling in the future when I need a ride somewhere?