April 14th, 2011

Hair Cuttery B_S

I went to Hair Cuttery a few days ago for a cut because I got a coupon in the mail. Being a guy with easy enough hair, I don't have a regular stylist or anything, but I decided I wanted to try something new and told my cutter what I was looking for. I basically said I would happily be a blank canvas and wanted to know her opinion based on my face shape and everything, and she ran some ideas by me. I specifically said I wanted the hair on the back of my head at least a half inch because I have a scar/pit from a car accident that I was self-conscious about (I knew my exact measurement because I had shaved my head after the accident, along with 2 other male coworkers and 1 female, as a "solidarity fundraiser" for a coworker going through chemo, we got pledges to shave our heads and donated proceeds to her family).

The first thing she did after I told her about this scar that I hate: run her hand along it and loudly announcer "it's not that bad, you could get away with a quarter inch!". This is perhaps true, but I wouldn't be comfortable with that, and once I politely declined should have been dropped, no? Instead, she decides to push it further, declaring she can't do anything leaving it that long, it's not that noticeable, etc. At this point I stated to stand, saying "I guess I'll have to go somewhere else that can handle this" which quickly made her change her tune, and I reluctantly agreed and let her continue.

Then she decided to make small talk. "So, how serious was this accident? (Gee, lady, did you not just molest my 8 inch scar?)" and "Where did it happen?" Again, I politely said "I'm sorry, but I'm not comfortable talking about it", which got a butthurt toned "I'm just making small talk!" (Weather? Gas Prices? Tiny Hats?). I was ready to ask for someone else, then:

Fingering my effing scar again, once again telling me "just go to a quarter inch, it's no big deal". At this point about a third of my hair was done, but I stood up, pulled off my smock, and told her to kindly back the hell off and that I was leaving. She then says "sooner or later you'll have to get over this", but I just threw $5 on the counter and walked out (guesstimated about a thief of their cut price).

Ended up at Super Cuts, gave a nutshell reason why I showed up with semi done hair and the manager honored the competing coupon price and personally gave me a beard shaping and made me leave feeling all pretty, so yay.

I contacted the manager of HC to inform her of the presence of their scissor wielding paragon of insensitivity, and SC corporate to tell them how a manager made a lifetime client.
"His turn to die a martyr was yet to com

Oh dear - I rather liked this pub...

-it commemorates a famous young doctor who acted on a hunch and saved millions of lives...

But last night it entered the annals of world class bad service, publically humiliating a young couple on their first date when one of them had the gall to kiss the other.... because they happened to be of the same sex.

Any one who is familiar with this area of London will understand the totally WTF-ery in a Soho pub manager alienating the gay community - they certainly won't be bothered by gay customers in the future, or indeed, by any customers at all....

ETA: The Guardian, the UK national newspaper which first reported the story, is running a live-news-rolling-blog- through the day to log public reactions and protests.

ETA the second:  The pub has apparently barred its doors to prevent tonight's snog-in protest.