April 12th, 2011

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Makeup is srs business man

So I'll start by saying that I'm not entirely sure where the bad service in this case took place. And this happened all of ten minutes ago so I'm pretty pissed.

Back in March, I ordered a bunch of makeup from Geek Chic Cosmetics ($100 worth. Which I only mention because that's a decent chunk of change, and I wouldn't be as pissed as I am if it was like $20 or something.)

Got a notice it shipped April 1st.

It arrived today, and I picked up the box thinking "Huh, this is really light" but since I'd never ordered from them before, I figured maybe they just used really minimal packaging or something.

Open the box and what do I find? Two pieces of tissue paper and my order slip. That's all that's in the box. So I fired off an email to them basically saying "hey I got my stuff, except...all my stuff was missing, what can we do about this?" Although whether they'll believe me or not...IDK.

But I mean, I could understand since it's a really small operation if they maybe slipped up and forgot to put it in...somehow (although that's still a piss off), but it could also be that someone opened it and took it all out. Hence not knowing where the bad service took place. From GCC, or USPS, or Canada Post. Obviously somewhere along the line something did happen, and for the time being I'm out a bunch of money with nothing to show for it, which is really annoying.

And of course, I've heard nothing but good things about them from other people, so I don't want to be all "omg, don't buy from this company" or anything because it may not even be their fault.
[angry] Free ride to STF University

PeacockInvitations on Etsy

This is all a moot point by now since we have decided to elope, but it's still bad/shady service and writing this post is a great way to procrastinate on writing my paper warn others about them, since I can't actually leave any feedback.

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By this point it's been over a month since I've heard from them. I've grudgingly made my peace with the idea that that $180 is gone forever. It just really fucking galls me, but more than that I'm just confused by what the hell happened. They had tons of great feedback, a lot of which praise Peacock Invitations' great communication! They even got 2-3 feedbacks in the time that this ridiculous saga took place, which means they were working on other people's orders and sending them out. I just don't understand what went on, why they decided to flake on MY order, what these mysterious "communication problems" were...

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