March 25th, 2011

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Didn't you know? Women with tiny breasts are not really women!

Last year, I went shopping for my wedding dress. It quickly became apparent that most dresses are made for people with larger breasts than I have. Definitely understandable, as I'm as flat as a pancake. What's not understandable is why someone cannot understand that I'm OK with my body, and why someone would refuse to flatten the dress even when I offer to pay for it just because I'm a woman and "should" have large breasts.

This happened at a little store where everything went well until I asked about flattening the dress. I tried on quite a few dresses, some terrible, some cute, and all hilarious because of how much empty space was at the top. Finally, I asked if there was any way to fix that. The person helping me offered some padding. Now, these dresses were probably a D cup if not larger, so that would require a crazy amount of padding--and we tried, it was madness--and since it was low cut it just wouldn't look attractive. Not to mention, I don't have an issue being flat, so I don't see a need to pretend I'm that large. So, I decline, and ask instead for the dress to fit me. I offered to pay for it, however much it would be.

She just wouldn't hear it. It's my wedding day, and I should go out there and be all "girly"! I should have large breasts because only that way will I be feminine and beautiful! I'm clearly just confused. I shouldn't want to be flat chested. It's just not right!

Finally, she did agree to it, told me how much it would be, and we continued dress shopping. When it came to crunching numbers for the dress, though, the argument started again. She just wasn't comfortable with tailoring the dress when I could pad myself. She offers free padding and tells me of stores where I can find padded push up bras. When I decline that, not only is the padding free, but so is attaching the padding to the dress! This wasn't a money issue--I never even expressed concern over the price--so I am clueless as to why she was offering that free of charge. Why is it so hard to get I'm comfortable with my appearance?

Needless to say, I didn't buy a dress from there. I went elsewhere where they didn't question me, and my dress was not only flat and awesome, but it looked like me underneath.

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Bra fitting suck

This was minor and did get sorted out before I left the store.

But when I ask to be measured for a bra I expect that the person will have some knowledge of how to do it, or send me to someone who does.

The gal measured me and said "Oh 38 F or possibly 38 DDD." Okay so I go pick a few and go to try them on. Not.even.close.

So I tell her they're no where near close and she says oh well you have to play around with it a bit. And walked away.

I'm dragging two small children, I don't really have time to just try on every size in the store. I finally found another clerk who measured me. 42 DD. I just don't even understand how the first lady could have been so wrong.

But I did get some awesome bras, so that's good.
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Follow up: Childcare issues

Follow up on

I want to first thank everyone for your helpful comments. I read it now and I am surprised nobody told me how ridiculous I may have sounded. After a hectic week where everything was going wrong and going on 7 days straight of work, this whole thing threw me over the edge. Everyone had extremely helpful comments though and I really appreciate it.

I went with my husband and we spoke to the director. She waived everything we were showing we owed and said that she would not charge us, she says she remembers some of the conversation and remembers the figure $137.60 being said. She said they were under the impression that was the rate for only Emma and I was under the impression it was both. She said that they had 2 accounts for us, when they switched to a new billing system it put up 2 accounts for us and originally was showing we owed like $1800. I gave her my bank statements and she put our balance at 0. I did get copies for my records showing this.

She said she can't go as low as it was and I told her that was fine. She did lower it to $210 a week, which I was fine with. I had expected to go back to the $228, so the fact she was willing to work with us and the fact she understood we were not trying to cause any issues with our payments. We've never paid late and we do not choose random amounts to pay, normally. I told her that after every payment I make from here on I would like an itemized statement, 1 for my records and 2 for my flex spending account. She agreed and gave me her email and said that with the discounts she gave it would be hard to go over rates with anyone else and from now and if we have any questions to email so we can have the emails for our records and so we will deal only with her in regards to our account.

So no, I will not drag my kids out of there. I am glad everything was resolved because when I picked them up today my 4 year old told me "I had the best day today at school, I feel happy." Kind of hard to even think about making him leave after that!

Again, thank you for your helpful comments. Yes, I will be getting everything in writing from now on.