March 22nd, 2011



If you advertise that you offer OB and GYN and/or OB/GYN services, you should probably make sure your entire staff knows this.

The woman who was not happy that multiple receptionists insisted she pay the $500 "birth room reservation deposit" despite the fact that she didn't plan on giving birth for at least a few more years, if not decades

ETA No, I did not pay it.

Oh,, for the love of...

Recently, I lost my cellphone. Like, gone for good lost. So I call the carrier (t-mobile) and ask what to do about it. They look up my information and say I'm due for an upgrade, anyway, so all I have to do is get my number put on a new SIM card once I get my upgrade.

Cool. Okay. Sounds easy so I order my new phone, wait for it to arrive and I call like I'm supposed to.

Me: Hi! I'd like my number, XXX-XXX-XXXX put on my new SIM card!
T-Mobile CS: Okay! *clicky clicky clicky* It should take a couple hours to activate. Have a nice day!

So, later, I'm poking around on my phone and I text my mom and ask her what numbers she has that she thinks I should have. Except, after setting up my facebook stuff on my phone, I notice that my husbands picture is coming up in my text messages instead of mine. And since Facebook likes associating faces with their cellphone numbers, I get a little concerned.

On a whim, I call our house line and watch the caller ID. Number YYY-YYY-YYYY pops up. My husbands number. From my phone.

Worried they'd put my number on his phone (And thinking it's just an easy SIM switch, if that's the case) I try to call my house line from my husbands phone.

I don't even get to dial it. Immediately, I notice it says "SIM card deactivaded."

The customer service rep managed to not only get the wrong number on my SIM card entirely, they also got rid of my number entirely.

So, my husband calls and it takes 20 minutes and several customer service reps to tell us "This will be sorted within 48 hours."

48 hours. To fix their own idiotic mistake.

This is bad because my husband needs his phone for work. He's in the army and if someone calls and says "Hey! We head out in ___ hours. Be ready." and he misses that call, it's not a simple slap on the wrist and an "Oh, you goof. HAha!" It's a huge problem for him.

I really feel like calling them and pestering them to get it fixed right now but I'm not at all sure what good that'll do. I don't think I could have been any more specific with what number I wanted on the new SIM card if I'd written it down for them and stood right there to make sure they got it right.
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bread machine woes.

In the beginning of the winter, I bought a bread machine.

I've never owned one before, but I thought that a machine would be way better than making bread and dough by hand, since the bread bakes right in the machine.

At first, everything was great. It worked fine. But then sometime last month, it stopped working completely. It doesn't have a power button, you simply plug it in to turn it on, and unplug it to turn it off.

One day, I plugged it in, and nothing. The screen was blank. I thought maybe it just needed a break, so I didn't use it for two weeks and tried again. Nothing.

Since there is a one year warranty, I thought that I would try to get a replacement. It's cheaper than buying a new one, and when I bought it, it was only $80 or so. It's currently $129.99, yikes.

I emailed customer service at the end of February and I was told in order to get a new machine, I had to cut off the power cord and then mail it to their returns department with a reference number. No problem.

Since I opted for a tracking number on the package, I know for a fact that it was received early in March.

I forgot about the package because I developed strep, and huge gastrointestinal upset due to antibiotic use, on top of spending a day in the ER and whatnot. Hey, life happens.

So this weekend, I sent an email to customer service, asking what had happened to the replacement machine since it's been two to three weeks.

This morning, I got an email saying that the cord was never delivered. Then, another email saying that it was delivered, and that the customer service rep. will be placing an order for a new machine, and then sending it FedEx ground.

Um, that should have been done the day, or the day after the cord was delivered. Grr.

In contrast, when my digital bathroom scale broke, the CEO of company (EatSmart) not only personally sent me a message apologizing, but I had a new scale the next day.

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Yesterday while I was in class my doctor called to give me my test results, however since I was in class I was unable to answer and she can't leave it in a message since I have to give her my info to verify it's me. I call back to talk to her and she's with a patient so the lady on the phone says she will give her a message. A couple hours pass and no call, so I call them back. Again she's with a patient (she's very busy so I understood) so they offer to leave her a message. I take a nap and leave the phone under my pillow and wake up at 7, still with no call. By this time her office hours are passed since she leaves at 5 and now I'm annoyed. These test results have been worrying me all week and now I have to wait another day.

I call again this morning and the doctor is the one who answers the phone. Turns out no one gave her a single message and now not only am I annoyed, but now she's pissed.

Next time give the doctor the messages because most times it's important, and you won't get yelled at by her later for not giving them to her.

And this is exactly why Im switching doctors

So I am planning on switching OB's from the local hospital to one almost two hours away because of the horrible first visit I had.

Today I had to go in and pick up a medical release form for the new doctor, I called in advance to make sure I did not need to bring in anything special and that it did not cost anything and the woman on the phone was pleasant both times I called, the woman I met there in person was not..

When I got there she was on the phone so I stood a few steps away from the counter for privacy, turns out that that did no good and she was talking quite loud about her grand-daughter's up coming play.

I inched a bit closer to make it clear that I needed something figuring that once she realized this she would cut out the gossip and help me..I was wrong.

I stood there for about 6 minutes and managed to make eye contact with her several times only to be ignored while she blathered on, at this point a woman had gotten in line behind me and then left a few minutes later.

She finally moved the phone away from her ear and asked "Do you NEED something??" to which I replied rather bluntly "Yes, I need a medical release form".

She put the phone back up to her ear without any response, turns in her chair and grabs a form and then puts it in her lap and continues her conversation for about 2-3 more minutes at which point she puts the form on the counter with a pen and points, not asks or instructs JUST FREAKIN POINTS to a box where I have to sign some info.

All the while still talking about the details of the costumes of the play (Im guessing it was Wizard of Oz because she mentioned a tin man).

I filled out the form and passed it back and then had to wait for her to separate the yellow copy and shove the top part back at me.

I grabbed it and turned to walk away and she shouts in a rude voice " Have a nice day"

UGHH I wanted to turn around and rip the phone out her hand and slap the shit out of her.

Good thing Im agoraphobic and passive or that lady would have gotten an ear full.

Am I being a bitch?
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My girlfriend, myself, and a couple friends stopped by a McDonald's for some food awhile back. When we went in, the guy at the counter was talking to another employee. So we waited patiently. For  a few minutes. It wasn't an excessively long time, but he did see us come in and wait at the counter and continued with what was obviously a personal conversation. I didn't have a huge problem with it, I'm a patient person.

When he finally did come over, I ordered for my girlfriend and I. My order looked something like this:
 - One cheeseburger meal, only ketchup, with a vanilla shake for a drink.
 - One large order of chicken nuggets, with a shamrock shake, no cherry. I made sure to specify that they could not put a cherry on it, because she's allergic.
(My girlfriend is allergic to the food dye Red 40. Marischino cherries are basically drowned in the stuff, and strawberry shakes also have some in them.)

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Oh hey, is it terrible medical experiences week?

...because we should have a parade or something. Maybe cake and balloons.

My mother is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer, and everyone's been wonderful and helpful...

...except for her oncologist, who is more than making up for our great experiences everywhere else.

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Basic gist: Mom's oncologist has grouchy staff, goes on vacation without filling out forms which nearly results in us losing our health insurance, then screws up medications to the point where Mom now has a lovely infection due to her immune system not being up to snuff. Then leaves. Finally.