March 10th, 2011


What's up, Doc?

I usually like my dentist, hygienist and the practice as a whole - but today that changed drastically.

I went in for a filling and, as mentioned previously by my usual hygienist, a looksee at some old bonding on my two front teeth that was deteriorating and discolouring from 15+ years ago.  It was initially put on there because I'm prone to those white spots some people get due to breathing out of their mouth at night, or so I've heard.  Not a huge eyesore, and something I've grown used to, but something they said they'd look into for me..  so I agreed.

Anyway, I arrive and discover my usual lovely hygienist isn't seeing me today, but I go along with it - it happens.  I was waiting for 10 minutes past my appointment time, so they appeared to be quite busy.

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Me, I'm put off veneers / bonding for life.