March 6th, 2011

STV-B'Elanna Bite Me


[I am putting a moratorium on iPhone wank ritenao.]

About a month ago, my boyfriend's cell phone started acting up. We had been discussing whether we should get on a family plan together since we live together and are talking marriage and babies and all that lovey crap. So he went into TMobile to see if he was still on contract and lo and behold he was not.

Cue us ordering him a $20 refurbished iPhone 3GS from AT&T and trying to port his number as a second line on my plan. We get an email back the next day saying that the order failed due to porting problems, please call customer service.

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tl;dr: AT&T has bad training practices and stupid systems, takes 6 calls and almost a month to get my family plan sorted out, and all I needed to do was say, "I'm with PartyLite!" at just the right moment.