March 3rd, 2011

grr kill

healthcare fail of epic porportions.

After reading all of this I figure i'll babble about my knee stuff. ^^;

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tl;dr knee pain starts in '03. specialist tells me to buck up, doctors and pt people say 'she can't buck up wtf are you on'

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tl;dr: Doctor gets pissy that I'm not 'cured' and sends me for an mri after calling me names :<

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tl;dr : Mri lady triggered abuse flashbacks and the mri sucked ass. ;_;

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tl;dr 4+ years ago. I could've fixed my knee with simple surgery! fml.
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wtfuckery at the bus stop

i live in minneapolis. in case you don't know, minneapolis can get pretty cold. yesterday it was around 0 degrees when i left for school.

i take the bus, and i really never have any trouble with the buses. i live about a block away from a stop in uptown minneapolis, and the bus i take to school runs every ten minutes in the mornings.

anyway, yesterday morning i was half a block away as i saw the 6 bus pick up people and move on. i could've tried to run for it but honestly there's ice everywhere, and i fall a LOT anyway so it was best not to risk it. i walked across the street and got some coffee [partially so i could be out of the cold for a couple minutes].

i came back and stood at the bus stop for about five more minutes before i saw another 6 bus coming down the street. i went to the boarding spot, and the bus stopped.

i'll say right now that the bus wasn't full. there was no one standing and i could see a few open seats in the front. and as i stated above, i was standing at the stop, not running down the street or anything.

the driver opened the door to the bus, and we made brief eye contact. i took two steps toward the bus. he closed the door and drove off.

i thought perhaps he had maybe thought i was waiting for a different bus, so i waved my arms. he stopped and i walked toward the bus AGAIN, and then he drove off completely.

to which i replied "what the fucking fuck?!"

i called and reported him, and the metro transit representative said he'd have his manager talk to him.

then i proceeded to freeze for 10 more minutes while i waited for the next bus. boo.

[as a sidenote, i had the coffee in a closed thermos, so there's not even the excuse of "no drinks on the bus"]