March 2nd, 2011


Power Cord Insanity

Okay, so: about two weeks ago, the power cord for my Macbook started to act up. It would only charge the computer if it was held at odd angles or if it was being pulled, and eventually it just stopped working altogether. Since I'd bought my Macbook at the nearby Best Buy (and it is still under warranty), I went there to get a replacement.

When I went there, I had my Macbook in hand, as well as my broken power cord, and even showed both of them when talking to the Geek Squad. I asked for a Macbook power cord. The Geek Squad employee told me a new one was ordered and would arrive in 3-5 business days.

Five business days went by, and on my front step arrived....a power cord for a Dell computer.

I went back that night; it seemed the order'd gotten screwed up because the Geek Squad had looked up my computer by putting in my phone number, I believe? (Since I live with my parents and use the same phone number, and they own a Dell computer that they bought through the same store). The Geek Squad put in a new order for a Mac charger and said it would arrive in 3-5 business days.

Yesterday was business day #5. I let it slide because maybe the order was delayed for reasons outside Best Buy's control. When today's mail came and I got nothing, I called the store to find out what was going on.

Apparently, in order to get a new power cord for a Mac, I need to verify my purchase with an Apple center first, something which NO ONE had mentioned during this entire process. The guy explained that pretty much all I needed to do was go to an Apple store and bring my receipt and my laptop with me. Or! I could get him to verify it and he would put in an order and it would be delivered overnight and this was pretty much the point where I thanked him for his time and hung up.

So, apparently, if I'd never called to find out what was going on, I was due to get a new power cord sometime around never, which the lovely folks at Best Buy never ever mentioned at any point. And it took me two weeks when I pretty much could have gotten it in a ten minute trip.

Moral of the story: fuck Best Buy.
You shouldn't have done that.

Awkward moment in the bra store.

I work in a mall, and across from our store is a lingerie and bathing suit store. I needed some new underwear, so I went over on my lunch break to browse. What followed was an awkward moment between me and the manager.

Manager: Oh hey, you know what you should try on? This one. (she shows me a bra)
Me: Oh, yeah, that's nice.
Manager: Yeah, it's good for someone with a small bust but a tall build.
Me: Er...
Manager: You're, what? A 34B?
Me: Ah, no... I'm actually a 36D...
Manager: WHAAAT? No way. Are you sure?
Me: ...Yes...
Manager: Where did you get fitted?!
Me: Here. A year ago. (I lied; it was actually a well-known competitor store that is down the hallway. I anticipated the response would have been something along the lines of "they always do it wrong" or "get fitted here instead", the latter of which I really did not feel comfortable with at the time!)
Manager: Wow. Where do you put it all?
Me: Ahaha, I don't know...
Manager: Oh, well... go look at some other stuff!
Me: Yeah... (walks out!)

Is it just me or should someone who works at a bra store, let alone the manager, just... NOT speculate about a client's size? Or really any clothing store, for that matter.

(I know I could have stood up for myself a little better, but seeing as this store is the neighbor to our own, I was concerned about things becoming even more awkward than they already were. Besides, the manager has come into our store to complain about our manager over something unrelated, so I really didn't want her coming in to complain about me while I wasn't there!)